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    Do you have a particular method for your razor rotation? Is it based on favourites or on shaving characteristics? For myself I base my razor selection on my blades. I use PolSilvers, Feathers and Iridiums.
    When I load a new blade, I invariably reach for my Masamune especially if the blade is a Feather. Just a superb razor, comfortable and very well-balanced. Others I use with a new blade are my Feather SB DS2, Marvel, Mamba 70 and Karve OC. Then with a shave or two on the blade I go to my Timeless Bronze SB, Rockwell 6S, Tradere OC, Charcoal Lv2 SB and as I put a few more shaves in I'll use a Futur, one of my Gillette OCs, the more aggressive 6S and Karve plates, and finish the blades life with the Rocca which still manages to give me a nice close shave with no irritation. Other razors I'll use at times are the Pils, Fatip Grande, the EJ and a few others. It's not a rotation written in stone but I have noticed myself reaching for specific razors based on the blade and how many times I've used it. I do get anywhere from 5-7 shaves per blade generally.
  1. Life is a constant improvisation without rules. I like it that way.
  2. I like to use a razor 4-5 times in a row, so that one blade would be finished. Within these shave I also like to stick to one soap, but will usually change brushes.

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  3. I choose a razor depending on the situation that day. Here are some quick notes:

    RR Mamba 53: My razor for when I have things happening on my face that require extra care (ie ingrown hair, a zit, a previous nick/cut, an abrasion etc). ALso my razor of choice for travel since it is ultra smooth and is difficult to hurt oneself with.

    RR Mamba 70: My razor for when I need a close but safe shave. Usually what I use the morning of a day when I have to travel...the shave has to last, but I don't want to cut myself. Honestly one of my most versatile razors.

    RR GC 68: Almost like the Mamba 70, this is a versatile razor I can use virtually anytime.

    RR GC 84: The razor I use when I am not under time duress and one that I don't use very often because it gets VERY close and has bit me in the past when I have been in a hurry. Definitely one I avoid if I have preexisting skin issues.

    Fatip Gentile: I like using this razor when I feel like I am not quite in a place where I can use the GC 84, but I do feel comfortable that I need a quick, close shave that could leave me with a tiny weeper here and there.

    Fatip Grande: I only use this one when I have time to spare, more than 24 hours growth and no preexisting skin conditions. Which is to say VERY rarely. More of a challenge than a joy to be honest.
  4. The 4 razors I use most are.

    Rockwell 6s r5 plate: Hardly ever a weaper.

    Birth year slim on #4: Super smooth shaver.

    Merkur progress on #3: Another smooth shaver, and I love the audible feedback.

    Fatip Piccolo: I use this one occasionally, especially if I have multiple days growth, and time to really enjoy myself. Definitely a fun razor to use.

    I have trouble getting right up under my nose with the Rockwell, so touch up with the slim.
  5. Simplicity is my way to go in life. I have one razor. No decision fatigue.
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  6. I rotate several, but I find myself reaching for a favorite 5 razors.

    Timeless SS. .95OC, an efficient and comfortable shave that I could use daily.

    Razorock Game Changer .84P, for those days I've got more growth. A bit more aggressive, but still very comfortable for me, just have to take a little more time with it.

    Rockwell 6S with R5 plate, an anytime shave when I feel like shaving in more of a hurry.

    PAA Ascension, another smooth shaver I rotate in when the mood strikes.

    Blackland Dart, a highly aggressive shaver for when I've let shaving go for 3 days or so, and when I'm fully alert and have time. They say it's a little milder than the Blackbird, but it's all the aggressiveness I can handle. Not a particularly comfortable shave, but it mows down the growth very well.

    I do, from time to time, rotate a vintage Gillette adjustable or 3 piece in there just to change things up.
  7. Generally rotate between EJ DE89, Timeless Stainless .95 SB, Timeless Titanium .95 SB or OC. No particular order, just let the mood or impulse govern. Will occasionally spend a few days with one of my other DE's ( have a choice of about 15 ) or a cart - Gillette Fusion or Sensor, again depending on mood and impulse.
  8. I just pick what sounds good depending on the day. My face goes in phases of desiring gentle or aggressive. It also depends if I'm on a blade trial kick. If I know a blade could be iffy, I err on the side of caution with something forgiving.

    Right now, my rotation is something like:

    Blackland Blackbird oxide short handle open comb
    Blackland Blackbird brass long handle safety bar
    Karve B or D safety bar, 3" handle
    Rockwell 6S, plate 5
    various vintage razors that strike my fancy.
    various fatips that strike my fancy
  9. I choose the razor mostly on what strikes my fancy that day. There are days when I need a mild shave. Those days I seem to always reach for a Blue Tip.
  10. I don’t have a set rotation. I just use whatever I’m in the mood for. I will usually use a razor until the blade goes bad, unless I’m using a milder razor and I skip a day or I’m in a hurry and need a more aggressive razor for a quick 1 pass shave.
  11. No set anything; I’ve been on a razor binge the last few months picking up things that have been recommended to me by a guy who knows and learning those.

    If I just bought one and don’t have the angle down yet, that’s all I’m gonna use.

    Depending on the time I have if I’m NOT learning a new razor, it’ll go something like:

    Easy day, nothing to do and have time: EverSharp Krona

    Rushed for time and want to be safe: RR SLOC

    Kind of easy day, have somewhere to be but don’t mind maybe a slight weeper: Fatip Piccolo/Gentile plate

    All use pretty much same blades: Derby Platinums. Use em 2-3 times and toss em.

    I really enjoy this hobby and quite like the research I get to do on everything, but I’m not a detail guy that would keep track of how many times I’ve used a blade on a regular basis, nor would I switch them out into different razors.
  12. As with brushes and soaps, I pick the shaver that appeals to me that morning. Currently I am using the following 4 razors, each with a different type of blade:
    • RazoRock Game Changer .84 - I've used many different DE razors over the years, and this is my favorite by a considerable margin. That said, except for a Feather AS-D1, I have not ventured into the $100+ end of the market.
    • Supply Injector - This is the smoothest razor of the four. It consistently delivers excellent shaves with seemingly no effort and little blade feel. The only issue I've had with this razor is that the combination of its heft, my arthritic fingers and no knurling on the handle requires me to use an alum block on my fingers to avoid having it slip.
    • RazoRock Black Hawk - This is the only Artist Club style razor I have used, and I think it's great. It's extremely light, since it's an aluminum razor, but it shaves wonderfully. It's quite a contrast to the hefty Supply, and it provides much more blade feel and auditory feedback than the Game Changer or the Supply. In a recent side by side comparison of my four current razors, it was in a virtual tie with my Gem razor.
    • Gem Micromatic Open Comb (MMOC) - This is the only Gem razor I have used and the only vintage razor I own. Despite the fact that it is not aluminum (I believe it is nickel plated brass), not really lightweight and uses a different type of blade, I find that the MMOC and Hawk provide very similar shaving experiences and results.
  13. Gillette Rocket HD
    Gillette Travel Tech Flat bottom tech.
    Two Gillette Red tips one 1958 one 1957
    Two Gillette Senator open comb TTO one NOS one replated
    two Gillette adjustables one Fatboy one Super
    Gillette #66 Aristocrat
    several varities of NEW's
    these are listed in the order of most used to least used.
    They all are great razors!
  14. That's a great way to work through razors. I think I'll use that. I'm already taking the blade out every day when I wipe the razor down and find that I rarely put it back in the same one. I am also realizing that I have a few razors that are getting no use anymore, especially anything vintage. My two basic blades are Astra SP and Gillette Blue Silver. But I've just ordered some 7'O-Clock yellow and Nacent that I'm very curious how they will work on my RawRS10 (2plates), Karve (OC and SB). Plus I'm still rotating three different kinds of artist club SE blades through an ATT SE1 Alum, and a SS Mongoose. This means my old faithful Merkur 34C is collecting dust. I need to start selling razors.

  15. I rarely rotate razors and stick with 2 blades. Early on I rotated vintage Gilletes, then went to a SS in winter and Merkur 34 in summer. Then for 5 yrs straight, I used a 34G. 6 mos ago I switched to a GC .68 full time. Luckily, the blades I've stockpiled over the years (Astra SP and Red IP), work in any razor I use.
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    This is a portion of my shaving equipment.

    I take one razor and use it until I need to change the blade and then go on to the next one. I use a different brush every day and that is in an orderly rotation. Generally, I stick to one or two soaps or creams until they are used up or I get bored with them.

    As you can see, no guess work for me.
  17. I use the same test tube racks for my razors, works out very well.
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    I use one razor for a week and a blade for a week and then I change both. First shave with new blade and razor is Monday morning and the last shave is Sunday morning. I swap soaps daily but I nearly always start Monday with Proraso White Tub but I may change this sometimes and use a sensitive cream.
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    Putali Slant + Feather;

    Pearl L55 Open Comb + Gillette Platinum or Derby;

    Muhle R41(2011 & 2013) + GSB;

    Gillette Family ( 61 Fatboy, Slim, SA) + Polsilver;

    Lady Gillette + Feather;

    Parker Family (Variant, Open Comb) + Gillette 7 O'Clock Yellow;

    Merkur Family ( Sledge, Slant) + Polsilver

    I use the razor until the blade lets me know its done in that razor-then I switch to another setup.


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