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Your Regrettable Purchases?

We've all done it. Maybe you saw a piece of shaving equipment that you didn't need, but it was half price.
Maybe the advertising suckered you in.
Maybe you even bought it just to see how bad it was.
Maybe you bought it on a bet.
Perhaps, just maybe, you bought it online after a few too many drinks.

But it's BAD.

Let's see your little bundles of shame.
8 Arko sticks, I hate the scent..
Rasozero Barbacco soap, no protection, no slick, I use it as preshave.
400ml of Vitos Aftershaving, too powdery for me.
Geo F Trumper's Rose hard soap.

Wonderful scent, but lather dissipates instantly upon applying it to the face.

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Wilkinson Sword Blue puck no slick, no cushion and I still have it after all these years because I dislike it too much to use it up.
Personna comfort coated blades, love the med prep and platinum so I couldn't wait to try these, they leave my face looking like Freddy Krueger.
Rockwell 6S, Ming Shi 2000S, Yaqi Katana, Yaqi Mellon and Omega boar 10049.

The 6S was too mild for me even with a Feather blade and getting BBS was mission impossible.

The Ming and the Katana had too much blade chatter and shaving with both razors was very unpleasant.

The Mellon was ok, but too mild for my taste.

Since then I tend to avoid Chinese razors with questionable quality and very mild razors in general.

I've spend some time using the 49 in order to ''break it'' and make it more functional and I even put it in a glass of water in the fridge a couple of times for a few days and even though it felt a little better, I wasn't impressed with the results and on top of that I had to use 2-3 times more soap or cream and spend twice as much time to achieve the same results as I do with my synthetic brushes.
I came to the conclusion that boar brushes are not for me and that at least I tried and i'm never going to buy boar or anything else with natural hair.
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