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Your opinion of these 2 shaving creams?

:glare: Mr. Taylors shaving cream and Eton College shaving cream.

I currently use and like Taylor's Shaving Shop Cream. I am thinking of adding one of these to my collection.

Could you describe the scent and your opinion on both of these?
Greetings Pancho,

First let me say WELCOME! Second, my favorite of the Taylors Cologne Scented Creams you already own, love that Shaving Shop. As fragrances are a very personal thing, i.e. One Man's meat, another Man's Poison, I choose to provide you with the Scentier's description provided by Taylors and some of their vendors:

Eton College Collection
... this collection possesses a fresh invigorating fragrance combining sparkling citrus oils with rich woody undertones ...

Mr Taylor Collection
... crisp and spicy fragrance in which Tarragon, Lavender and Incense combine with hints of Green Galbanum and Citrus ... a warm, woody drydown with traces of Cedar, Sandal, Patchouli and Musk.

I love them all... The cream variations from one to the next are not really discernable as a function of fragrance as much as a function of product shelf-life...

Hope that helps and once again welcome.
Poncho, to tell you the truth, I like Mr Taylor shaving cream a lot, but Eton College is not a favorite of mine, maybe because I'm allergic to it. The scent is nice, but I find that the lather is less rich than Mr Taylor, or the other Taylors creams I have.

I really like Taylor's Eton College. As I mentioned in another thread a couple of months ago, it always reminds me of Irish Spring when I first open the jar.
Water, you're right, it definitely does have that kind of scent. My brother in law's coming to pick up the Eton College tomorrow. He takes most of my rejects.

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