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Your nominations please - best-smelling aftershaves

I don't often see scent being discussed, independent of skin-conditioning, healing, or other properties.

Time to fix that!

What are your nominations for the best smelling aftershaves?
DR Harris Marlborough is probably my favorite, followed by PdP No 63. A few others (that are still in production) are Fine Accouterments Platinum, B&M Seville, B&M Cheshire, Chiseled Face Summer Storm, and Tabac. I'm still going through stuff that I bought over 6 or 7 years ago though, so I'm probably forgetting a few that might still be in production. I'm also not too familiar with anything that's come out in the past 5 or 6 years.
Avon Wild country
Avon Windjammer
Aqua Velva Ice Blue

I've become an alcoholic for Margaritas in the Arctic
Fine platinum
Captain's Choice Nor'easter

Aqua Velva Ice Blue is my daughter's favorite 💙
I love that there's so few repeats so far.

How about vintage Avon Blend 7..... It has a little Hai Karate influence.... A wonderful scent, as is Tai Winds, another Hai Karate influenced scent from Avon.
Blend 7 is good stuff! Never thought I'd like a scent that has "a cigarette ash note" but here we are.

Here's my favorite scents

Shulton Old Spice
Skin Bracer
St John's Bay Rum

Keep 'em coming!
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