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My new favourite thing is Badger & Blade's intrusive pop-up ads.

Whenever I visit the site, the very first thing I have to do is click away the initial pop-up ad. I won't be allowed to go anywhere or do anything until I do. Nevertheless, I try to anyway, but the ad remains firmly entrenched in the centre of my screen, smugly proclaiming victory over me and my desires. Ultimately, I must concede defeat and subserviently click on the little X; whereupon my uninvited friend returns to pop-up land and bids me good-by...or do I hear him whisper "au revoir, mon ami" with a decidedly sinister chuckle? Anyway, it's our little thing; a game we play together...and it's ever so much fun!

My second most favourite thing?
The active, always moving and attention-grabbing ads that childishly compete for my eye-balls as I scroll through threads looking for content I care about. Initially, I become frustrated, even angry, but I cannot stay that way for long. Those cute and adorable thread rats. It's the only thing they know how to do. They are pathetic little vermin who know no better...and they are slowly winning their way into my heart!

If I'm lucky, one will build a nest just below this entry.
It is hard to say with so many great products but the product that I would never have considered is a brush scuttle. I face lather and enjoy a warm lather and this works. Mine is made by Dirty Bird.
This could change day by day I hope you all know. 😁

My new favorite thing is my Schick G4 "66" injector razor. It has a blue handle and textured, chrome head. Mine is a little worn but I think it's one of the most elegant razors I've yet seen. We all have our favorites. I know lots of people wouldn't see this in the same light. That's ok! I have only shaved with it once and it wasn't mindblowing but it was certainly different than my other injectors and will give me something to practice and hopefully master. The biggest surprise for me is how tiny it is. I have pretty big hands so a 3.5-inch razor seems minuscule. It's actually pretty comfortable using a finger and thumb pinch just under the head and guiding the end with my pinky. I'll be on the lookout for a clean example but this one shaves fine so no hurry.

IMG_1684.jpg IMG_1691.jpg IMG_1694.jpg
My new favorite thing is straight razor shaving that was kick-started this year after meeting a local honemeister and culminated into this Kamisori razor...what a joy to use! It does look scary from pictures but just after 3 shaves...I find it is easier to use and more forgiving than an actual straight razor...

I just found this thread and it would be a shame to let it fade away. Excellent idea @RenoRichard !!

I am a big fanboy of Southern Witchcrafts soaps and only got into them recently. They are vegan soaps, which I could care less about, but the performance is as good as most tallow soaps. Cool scents, cool labels and great performance. 👍

Another weird recent passion for me is cheap Adidas EDTs. Team Five, Get Ready, Pure Game, etc. These can be found at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx for $6-7 a bottle and the scents are excellent. Not overly strong which is a big plus for me.
My most recent new favorite...specifically obtain to satisfy the SR urges during prolong travels...
After 1 uses each using the Feather Proguard...nothing but wow! Super easy. silky smooth and the best...very efficient! Shorter time too due to the ease of use...
Continuing on my new-favorite-brush-theme from October with the Shavemac 20/46 Silvertip 2-Band HERE...

December's new favorite brush is my Shavemac
"Kleiner Bayer" 14/42 Silvertip D01 2-Band:

standing between the Simpson Wee Scot (13/39) and the White Rabbit.

I've spent a good while experimenting with most of Shavemac's hairs, knot diameters, and lofts, and... eventually narrowed it all down to this little baby which I do believe is my "grail" brush. :cornut:

It's the BEST BRUSH I've used to date. Flow-through is fantastic (a real lather monster), backbone is excellent (firm), the tips are luxurious, the handle is ergonomically just right (all for my taste of course). And (despite its diminutive size) one quick load gives more than enough wonderful lather for a three pass shave.

Both my White Rabbit and I are very happy bunnies. :biggrin: :biggrin:
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