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Your First Love

What was the first thing in your wet shaving career that you loved? The first thing that made you say "ah this is sweet!"

Mine was Personna Lab blades.
TOBS Sandalwood cream.

I still keep a tub of it around, even though I mostly use soaps now. It's nostalgic. And smells so damn good.
Honing my own straight, and seeing and feeling the joy and sense of accomplishment of doing what our forefathers did, instead of paying higher and higher prices for cartridges.
Feather blades. I had been using Shark Saloon half blades (I'm only recently getting into DE's, and I still prefer shavettes), and I thought that was the best it could get. Then I won a tuck of Feathers in a PIF. Holy smokes, they cut through my beard like a laser beam through warm butter. Now my go-to blades. Just ordered a lot of 50 on Amazon.
Proraso Green. First thing I ever lathered with the brush. I loved it, and still do...but only in the warm weather.

I also really liked my Merkur 23C. I was sad when it broke.
My first Simpson - a Somerset Chubby 3 Super two-band. When I bought it, I didn't even know what 2-band hair was (I had only ever seen three-band), but when it showed up, I said, "Oh...now this is something special." It's a beast of a brush that I barely use any more, but I'll never unload it. It's too special to me. Ironically, I later acquired a CH3 Manchurian (also Somerset) that I didn't like nearly as well, and later sold.

L - R: Simpson (Somerset) CH3 Super two-band, Simpson (Somerset) CH3 Manchurian
My 10 dollar schick krona I got off Craig's list. Once I got the technique down it was and is unbelivable to shave with.
I had a short wait for my DE89, but I had my Tweezerman badger brush and Proraso green soap. Used all my traditional wetshaving products with a Mach 3 and had my best shave ever up to that point. From that point I knew that I was going to be happy with shaving.