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Your Favourite Tuck Designs

I know we are all serious shavers, and not swayed by the frippery of marketing and design; choosing our blades solely on the hard objective criteria of sharpness, smoothness, and longevity. But at some point, having a pile of tucks in your den that look good may be a consideration, right? Not enough to sway you to a blade that shaves poorly, but--all things being equal--a decent looking tuck counts for something. At least it does to me :p

So, these are my favourite tuck designs.

1. Polsilver Stainless
The OG blade. Simple, striking, design that doesn't need to rely on gimmicks to catch your eye. This is a confident brand that says "If you know, you know". It reminds me of the scene in Apocalypse Now where Willard makes it to the Do Lung Bridge and asks The Roach if he knows whose in charge. Roach replies, "yeah".
2. Polsilver Super Iridium
The next iteration (and the blade not quite as good as the OG): more colour, and a more dynamic layout with the bolt through the centre of the tuck. Still a stome cold classic design, in my view.
3. Sputnik
I've never even used one of these, but I love everything about the tuck. The name, conjuring the glory of the Space Age, the font, the golden orb for the dot of the 'i', the beam of light shooting towards the top right of the tuck... Aspiration incarnate!
4. Rapira Swedish Supersteel
A simple, yet bold layout and colour palette. The clean lines, strong colours and fonts combine for quite a striking tuck. The blades are pretty good too...
5. Gillette Perma-sharp
Another quite simple, realtively subdued design, that nevertheless conjures a simpler time. Barbershops in Istanbul, hot towels, fragrant balms and very sharp edges. It helps that the blades are, as promised, perma sharp!

So, what are your favourite tuck designs?
I miss the days when tucks held 10 blades instead of 5. Wizamet SI's have always been my favorite tucks for that reason more than the design on them. Second place goes to Kai, for having tucks that actually protect the blades during shipping.

The real pass/fail for me, though, is how the tucks are arranged for shipping. Gillette's fondness for those awful 20-tuck hanging display boards makes me want to buy other brands.
I have form for buying too many blades just because I like the pack art:

Worst performing blades are the Flagfish - now I save them for when I'm baking bread. Best overall are the London Bridge which combine a really strong graphic design with superb performance.

My worst ever purchase though was some Centwin blades off the 'Bay:

Pretty snazzy design, but arrived as five loose (but wrapped) blades. Gah!
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