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Your favorite open comb razor

@never-stop-learning Thank you for asking better questions on my behalf :)

I currently shave either using the Rockwell or a Kai Kamisori.

I have been doing additional research. Karve SS seems the most appealing to me. I plant on getting the OC-D and OC-E plates.

The Karve OC-D & OC-E should handle almost anything you throw at them. The Karve Brass SB-G is in my Big Dogs Rotation.


Cheaper than ink
My favorite? Gillette New Deluxe

When I got the nerve to order a OC it was a B plate for my Karve brass razor. Before that I had the B & C - SB plates. I found the OC smooth, but most importantly I really enjoy the lather flow through.

I have gotten other OC razors including Timeless SS & Ti .95mm, Blackbird SS, but my favorite so far is the R41 regular and SS. I have also gotten the Karve “F” OC and the ”G” SB plates ( thanks Never-Stop-Learning). These Karve plates are a joy to use and so wonderfully efficient and smooth. My SB & OC
“B-E” go unused now. My next razor will probably be the Tatara Nodachi OC.

I had Karve OC plates lead my discovery of OC shaving.
Vintage> Gem Damaskeene 1912 open comb or any 1912 closed comb variants- mid range.
Modern> Razorock SLOC, tame mid range, one of my favorites.
My favourite open comb is the Game Changer JAWS 84. I also like the GC OC 84 for the 1st couple of shaves with a new blade. The OC 84 is slightly milder than the JAWS 84.

My favourite open comb and hybrid comb razors.

1. JAWS 84
2. GC OC 84
3. R41
4. Fatip open comb slant.
5. German 37
I have sensitive skin in my chin area but the Merkur 25 C works perfect for me - when I have the beard with multiple days of growth

Most comments I have read pare not positive because it is not very aggressive aggressive OC - but that’s the reason why I love ir

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