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Your favorite open comb razor

I'm in the mood to buy a new razor. I like how OC razors look. Are OC razors as good or better than straight bar razors? What OC razors I should consider?
Tatara Razors Masamune Nodachi.

For years my safety razor of choice had been an open comb Mühle R101 (black handle version of the legendary Mühle R41), but I clearly prefer now the stainless steel Masamune Nodachi. I consider this razor one of the few safety razors that can match a straight razor shave in closeness and smoothness.

You can order the Masamune Nodachi in a version that arrives with both open comb and closed comb plates but I found that there is no noticeable difference between the two. IMO, this can be explained by the identical blade exposure and blade gap of both razor heads.
So open or closed comb design becomes merely a question of which way you prefer the lather to be discarded after a pass.

Among some shavers, however, open comb razors have a reputation for being more aggressive and closer shaving than closed comb razors.
The reason for this may be that the aggressive and close shaving R41 had become a huge success and, even though the aggressiveness of this razor was essentially a function of its more pronounced blade exposure and blade gap, people started associating its aggressiveness with the easily identifiable open gap design, which ultimately did precious little to contribute to the razor’s aggressiveness.

So, is an open comb razor better than an open comb?
That depends how you define “better”, but an open comb design by itself does not make a razor any more aggressive or closer shaving.

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Whether OC is better than SB is a YMMV, so no right/wrong answer here.

I generally prefer OC over SB, as combs allow for more lather to penetrate deeper, thus ensuring more lubrication... well, at least that's the theory.

My vote by all account goes to Blackland Vector OC, it's one of the very best razors I've ever used.

I'm in the mood to buy a new razor. I like how OC razors look. Are OC razors as good or better than straight bar razors? What OC razors I should consider?
A few questions, if I may:

Please describe your skin type (sensitive or not?), face type (nooks and crannies?), beard type (thick vs. sparse, coarse vs. fine) and beard growth patterns (predictable vs. chaotic).

What razors do you currently use? Do they work for you or are you looking to improve performance? If so, whar are you looking to improve?

Do you want new? Vintage? Doesn't matter?

What is your price range?

Thank you. :)
Gillette British flat-bottomed New Long Comb. Best OC razor I've ever tried, and I've tried the following:

Old Type
New Improved
New Deluxe
RFB New (this one is essentially the same shave as the flat-bottomed New that I now have; sold the RFB)
iKon Deluxe OC
Merkur 1904
Fatip piccolo

and the OC sides of the following dual comb razors:

iKon H2O
iKon S3S
iKon Shavecraft 101 (a fantastic razor!)
iKon original all brass SBS
iKon aluminum SBS

For me, the flat-bottomed New Long Comb made in Britain out-shaves all of them, with the exception of the RFB New.
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