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Your favorite car

I was/am not much of a car guy. Point A to B is all I really require from a car. I only owned one car that I really loved. The one we owned when we married on Mat 1st. 1971. 69 Road Runner Hemi. We had a lot of great times in this car. Fond memories. In 1974 when our first child came along we traded this in for a 1974 Impala and my wife along with the salesman had to drag me out of it.... Saint Sabina.jpg
My two favorites, in terms of the fun to drive, of the vehicles I have owned would have to be my 1977 Olds Cutlass Supreme and my 1978 GMC Jimmy. The Olds had a 350 Rocket with a mild cam in it and was a blast to drive. I was best man in my buddies wedding and drove him and his bride to the reception from the church and he dared me to do a burn out in front of the church when we left. Being 20 years old with little care and/or common sense I fully embraced that dare and put on a fairly impressive smoke show. The minister was about as impressed as one would think.

My Jimmy had a fresh 350 in it when I bought it as well as an 8" lift and 38" swampers. The tires were almost shot so I pulled them off and replaced them with 33" swampers. I pulled the top off the back and converted it to an extra short box hunting truck. That truck was tough as nails and a blast to drive. It was nearly unstoppable.

In terms of practicality, my favorites would have to be the 2000 Suburban we had and my current daily driver that is a 1999 Olds Aurora. We bought the Suburban with 152,000 on it and retired it at 305,000ish We had 5 kids at home at the time when we bought it and that vehicle took us everywhere.

Right now my Aurora has about 205,000 on it and still runs like a dream. It rides a little rougher that it did when I bought it and is starting to rust a little in a couple spots but I have a 16 year old that plans to have his license this summer so I think it might be time for dad to upgrade. It might be time to look for a new favorite. I have had my eye on the Cadillac CTS's and the Chrysler 300's for a few years now so we will see what the future brings.
1969 Chevy Nova SS 396/325 M21 4 speed, gold with black vinyl top. Dad ordered it in the winter of '68 (year and a half before I was born) while stationed in Mountain Home. I learned to drive in that car in 1986/1987. My mom taught me, as dad was in DC while my mom, sister, and I stayed here so my sister could finish her senior year.

Second favorite was my blue 1972 Chevy Nova SS with a 355/TH350. Bought it when I was in the Corps. When I was driving back to NC from DC, I was passed by a little old lady in a green early '70's Pontiac Ventura (their Nova clone), and she threw me a thumbs up. With 4:11 gears, it got a little loud doing 70 on 95...
It’s difficult for me to pick one favorite car. I wish I still had my first favorite car which was 67 Chevelle SS 396 4speed. It looked exactly as the one in the photos.
My 2nd favorite car I had almost 35 years which I sold about 5 years ago. It was an 82 Saab 900 Turbo Hatchback 5speed.
My current favorite car( aka a toy) which I currently own and drive on nice days is an 2008 C6 Corvette Coupe 6speed.
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Brand new 1978 Fiat X1/9. More car than met the eye. Less engine, but it taught me how to operate r.p.m. s in the power and torque ranges as required. Passing at 70 mph was an exercise in starting a run up a half-mile back and tagging through at 80 to 90 mph. I had to plan to pass on two-lane roads with an eye to see the entire event before starting. To ensure the engine got lots of cooling air for the road trips on Interstate 10 I found FAZA Racing in Florida and installed an F1 style air ram on top of the engine cover and removed the baffle plate underneath it. People remarked seeing this shark driving through the parking lots and wondering what they were going to see when it got closer. I had plans for the dual Webber downdrafts and an improved cam and overbore pistons. Oh well... still a great experience. Since then I've had cars which would do very well indeed on the German Autoban but I don't think I've ever had as much fun.
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