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Your favorite car


1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto Boattail 1750 Carbureted with full roll bar.
When I was 16, I bought a Morning Orchid ’57 Chevy Belaire that looked just like this one from Dan Short’s shop. Mine had some rocker panel damage that I always meant to fix but never found the money to do it. I miss that car. Sold it in 1978 so I could make a down payment on a work car.
I worked construction during the summers as a high school kid and one of the crew had a 1963 Corvette Roadster. Oh man, how fun that was to ride in. I like the look of that style and would have to pick the 1960 model as a favorite. Since it is hard to win the lottery when you don't play the lottery this is not going to happen but it is fun to have the dream out there. It would have this exact paint job and look to it. It would also come with a high school kid who washes it weekly and opens the door for me to get in. He also would address me as, "Mister Captain." :biggrin1:

A Ford Taunus from the 70's. I think I owned it around 2003-2004. It was nice to drive and it surely caught peoples eyes as it was a very good locking old car.


Needs milk and a bidet!
Any Chevy C/K Or C-10. Any 70’s model year. Just the square body excites me.

I have a new car to commute to/from work but otherwise I drive my old 97’ Ford Ranger. If I’m not going to work I’m in the oldie but goodie 5 speed. I just enjoy it. Just beating the crap out of it and not caring.
Mine was a P plate so a year older than this and it had different alloys, but this, in this colour. A Pug 306 XSi which went like the proverbial **** off a shovel and handled like an absolute dream. I had it to "quite fast" on occasion.


I love the 2016 Buick LaCrosse I drive now. But I still have a fondness for two earlier cars, the '86 W126 chassis V-8 Mercedes-Benz 420SEL (the source of my username), and the big '03 Buick Park Avenue, non-supercharged but quick and solid. A third would be the gold '94 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme coupe I drove for 2 years.

I seem to go through cycles: big car, small car, big car, intermediate car. Over the decades I've been driving, big cars have shrunk and intermediates are gotten harder to find.
I owned two car dealerships (new franchises) from 1995 to 2005. Privately, I owned countless cars, and the question "what is your favorite" (in my case) depends on age, and/or the time of my life. When I was in my late teens, it was a Mini Cooper 1000. When I was in my 20s it was Austin Max, in my 30s it was a Porche 911 Turbo, in my 40s it was the Jaguar XJR.......etc. These are not the only cars I owned (I changed them often), but those were my favorites. Today,.....in my mid 60s, I own L322 Range Rover, and S500 AMG Benz (plus five others, two for my wife, two for my daughter, and a truck we need on the ranch). Obviously they are my favorites TODAY, otherwise I wouldn't have purchased them. My point is: life changes, we get older seeking comfort, and today if one would gift me my old 911 Turbo, I would not drive it. Getting in and out of it would be painful,... I'd feel cramped in the Recaro seats.....you get my drift.
That would be a 2007 Hyundai Accent hatchback. Two door, FW drive 5 speed puts out a whopping 110 horses. I can get four of us and all our gear up to our local mountain for skiing in 30cm of snow. My little mule is like the mailman....always delivers.
My top two cars that I have owned from a fun to drive standpoint were my 87 VW Jetta GLI manual trans and my 1999 VW Passat GLS turbo.

The 87 Jetta was peppy, handled really well and was really fun to drive. Traded in my 84 Fiero GTS for it. The Fiero was fun to own and was pretty good looking but wasn't as fun to drive due to it's tendency to plow in tight corners. The manual trans was clunky, the clutch was like a leg machine and it ended up having some weird stalling issue the dealership could never figure out. But I was very happy with the Jetta and drove it for several years.

The 1999 Passat was just a great all around car. At the time it was very reasonably priced for what you got. I liked the clean look and the nice but understated interior. It was great on the highway and had plenty of power. Handled pretty well too.
I’ve been lucky enough to have a few BMW and Mercedes cars over time. Had a few different ones V8s and the like.

My current car is a small 3 Series diesel. I love it. I always think there are some cars where they just nail it like the E30, E39 and now the F30 which my little 320D is.

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