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your favorite bath soap... looking for reccomendations

I really prefer bar soaps and have been looking for some good options. Here are some basic criteria... hard milled soap that lasts a reasonable amount of time ... under $10 a bar … nice scent …. readily available in the USA What are your favs? TIA
Me and the wife have been trying out a billion different bath bar soaps over the last few months. Our favorite so far is a company called - Greenwich Bay. specifically the"Destination Spa" set themed with the scents of different countries, the bars are massive - 6 ounces each... amazon has it for a pretty good price $24 for 6 bars - https://www.amazon.com/Greenwich-Ba...qid=1542699337&sr=8-33&keywords=greenwich+bay

runners up on scent, giant size, and long lasting time - an Australian company - Wavetree & London... they had a "beach" scent that was reeeaaalllly niiiiiice. and also Pre de Provence, they're the size of bricks...we tried the 'rosemary & mint' and liked that alot too. A surprise cheapo bar that turned out to be terrific was a spanish one called Heno de Pravia....not only great as a soap but it also made the whole bathroom smell awesome after using it.

just be careful when ordereing online to double and triple check the descriptions for size, sometimes their wording or math is deceiving.....for bath/shower use you want at a minimum at least 4 ounces per bar. stay away from the gift sets that have the tiny 2 ounce or less bars, they can be ridiculously super tiny.
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I bought a 3-pack of Speick soap from Amazon a few months ago and am loving those. They are hard soaps and are under your dollar threshold, and smell great.

If you are flexible on price, the Art of Shaving bar soaps are my favorite. They are pricey for sure, but they are huge and are rock solid, and they usually last me a few months.
Most of the time I use Grandpa's Pine Tar soap. It's a good all-round bar soap for hand, shower and hair. With a diluted apple cider vinegar rinse, it's the best dandruff shampoo I've found. As far as scent, I happen to like the tar smell, but it may not be for everyone. For a change of pace body soap, I use Stirling's Rosemary-Mint. Smells great and slightly tingly. It's a good wake-me-up soap.
I've boringly just stocked up with Wrights Traditional Soap, a kind of coal tar scent. Never branched out into more scented soaps, though I've enjoyed them on the odd occasion when I've had them.

I could definitely improve my bath experience - bath not shower in my case.
I like Duke Cannon soaps. They are huge (10 oz), manly bars that lather easy and rinse off clean. The last quite a while and comes in a variety of scents including unscented.

I have found it tractor supply, bed bath and beyond, target, amazon, and of course on their website. Link
I'm sticking with Caprina Fresh Goat's Milk Soap, either Original Formula, or Shea Butter.
  • It's only about $2.50/bar or $5-ish for a 3-pack.
  • One feature I especially like about it is that it is the same for its entire life - does not get hard or crack, right up to the last sliver.
  • In a pinch you can make shaving lather with it.
  • It's readily available at most pharmacies and large grocery stores (in my area, at any rate).
I’ve been using Stirling soaps and have really enjoyed their performance and scents.

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Pre de Provence Olive Oil soap. Perfect for you skin.


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TRUE Savon de Marseille… :001_wub: Marius Fabre, Fer à Cheval, La Corvette and Le Serial. These French gems are so great that my family and me have not been using anything else in the last two years!
Mitchell’s Wool Fat makes a great bath bar that WCS & Maggard both stock.
It’s 150g for around $7. It’s the perfect add on when you want to hit the free shipping mark.
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