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Your favorite athlete of all time

Owen Bawn

"Ask me about a fluffernutter"
Dermot Earley (senior). You can look him up.
Well I've met Franco Harris and Shaq
I admire Kareem , Alan Page and others I can't think of but if the question is who I think were the best
Baseball...Willie Mays
Football.....Jim Brown
Basketball... Wilt Chamberlain, who also was the greatest all around athlete ever
I'm watching The Last Dance series about Michael Jordan. I already voted for Walt "Clyde" Frazier as my favorite athlete but I may have to provide my top five. Jordan definitely among them. Bjorn Borg and Rafael Nadal would round out my top five.
Henry Armstrong
99 OF 100

  1. Divisions: Featherweight (126) to Welterweight (147)
    Record: 149-21-10
    Years Active: 1931-1945
    Henry Armstrong is the only boxer ever to hold world titles in three weight divisions simultaneously and did so when there were only eight weight divisions in the sport. One of the most popular and versatile early fighters, he managed to maintain effective knockout power even as he moved up in weight.
    Armstrong also defended the welterweight title 18 times (more than any other fighter) and came very close to winning the middleweight title—earning a draw in a title fight most thought Armstrong should have won.
    1937's Ring Fighter of the Year had victories over most major fighters of his era, including Barney Ross, Benny Bass, Lou Ambers, Chalky Wright and Fritzie Zivic. He also held a 27-fight knockout win streak that ranks among the longest ever.
    After his retirement, Armstrong became a Baptist minister. He was ranked by Ring Magazine and Bert Sugar as the second greatest fighter of all time, and ESPN ranked him third. He was a first-ballot inductee into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.
Jesse Owens for obvious reasons.

And Karoly Takacs. Hungarian Intl class shooter. Lost his shooting hand (RT) to a army accident in 1938. Taught himself to shoot left handed and won gold at the Olympics in 48 and 52.

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