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Your favorite aftershave to make you feel refreshed.

Sometimes after a shave I feel like putting some aftershave on that makes me feel really refreshed. Sort of invigorating. That’s when I reach for Fine American Blend. It just feels great on my face.
What do you reach for when you want to feel refreshed?

SV felce aromatica & dolomitti (all SV aftershaves are excellent)

Fine Italian citrus
Speick active
Proraso green

tempted to order a bottle of floid since its praised a lot let's see if its really that good?
I don't like an aftershave that hangs around for hours, so I usually stick with bay rum.

- Captain's Choice Bay Rum or North most of the time.
- Captain's Choice Cat O' Nine Tails if I want a wake up call.
- Ogallala Bay Run when I need a clove fix.
CC bay rum
Ogallala bay rum
Proraso Green
Cryogen (if you really want a cold, refreshing punch in the face)
Fine Snake Bite (if you want more of a cold, refreshing slap in the face)
My #1 choice has to be Myrsol Plastic Shave. The second product created by Mr. Miquel in the 1940s in Barcelona, and the one he religiously used until his passing a few years ago.

All Myrsol splashes are great and their bottles are splendid. I like Floid, AV and Proraso too, but they are not in the same league as Myrsol.

What’s not to like? It’s the perfect splash
- Alcohol is the first ingredient, as the tradition dictates
- Simple formulas with 5-6 ingredients, as an aftershave splash should be
- No glycerin, no castor oil, no sticky feeling
- Not just alcohol and fragrance, though. Myrsol Uses Sorbitol as humectant agent, which gives a better skin feel than glycerin. Plastic Shave also has Lactic acid that makes the skin so smooooth
- Menthol amount is just perfect
- Classy glass bottle, the very best in the market with a high quality Bakelite cap
- Subtle classic fragrances, very well blended
- a dozen different classic scents to choose from
- small family company operating since the early 1940s

Another new favorite of mine is Ach Brito Lavanda cologne. Works great as a splash too and has a wonderful scent
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