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your favorite aftershave/ gel/cream

What are your favorite after shaves/gels/creams or anything else you use for face and for head after shaving it?
also do you use any oil or anything else to pre shave for face and head?
thanks so much.
What are your favorite after shaves/gels/creams or anything else you use for face and for head after shaving it?
also do you use any oil or anything else to pre shave for face and head?
thanks so much.
Nivea Sensitive Cooling Balm is probably my favorite mass-market balm, dethroning Afta in my rotation. It's inexpensive and effective. I just wish it came in a plastic bottle that could be squeezed a little.

I buy some artisan shave products from a seller that goes by sbtanning on eBay under the Love My Skin brand. They have some good, relatively inexpensive products, and their aftershave balms are very good. They go on very smooth and are lightweight. Their splashes are also excellent if you want something that's actually hydrating rather than drying, as they use very little alcohol. Their bay rum scent is more barbershop and less clove oriented, and I never found it as irritating or sensitizing as real bay oil can be.
I currently like a little bit of rubbed-in Noxema for a preshave, and I like Badger After Shave Face Oil for an aftershave.

"A little dab will do ya" on both products. I think many shaver use too much product. Very wasteful.
My favourite after shave, by far, is vintage Faberge Brut, as a balm I like Proraso green liquid aftershave balm. The Proraso green pre shave also works as a great thicker post shave cream, as long as you really like menthol. As a bonus the Proraso is cheap, even if the Brut is not.
I must admit to ASAD! There, I have said it! Mea culpa! :velva2: :velva2:

Current favorites (all splashes) include:
Pinaud clubman
Fine (American blend, absolute santal, l’orange noir)
Floid vigoroso
Pitralon classic
La Toja
Proraso green
APR splash is my way to go. I also like Chatillon Lux too. I am not a bal person, but The stray whisker balm is pretty good IMO.
I love Stirling (Executive Man, Mountain Man, and Sandpiper are favorites) and Fine Accouterments (American Blend, L’Orange Noir, Fresh Vetiver, Italian Citrus, Platinum) aftershaves, as well as several mass market splashes like Clubman (Original, Gent’s Gin, Whiskey Woods), Aqua Velva Ice Blue, Proraso Green, Pitralon Classic, and Lucky Tiger. I also have a couple aftershaves from Maol Grooming that are excellent.

For balms, I’m partial to Proraso White, L’Occitane Cade, Haslinger Sandelholz, and Thayers ASB.

I also enjoy the various flavors of Thayers witch hazel facial toner.
365 Glycerin Soap, Olive Oil & Aloe Vera variety
(apply with wet brush, partial rinse)

Aftershaves (choose one):
Thayer's Original w/aloe
Dickenson's WH + glycerin + aloe + lavender EO + cedar EO

Balms (choose one):
Pre de Provence Original
Proraso White
Nivea Sensitive
Jojoba Oil (Desert Essence)
Haven't really tried that many.

I got the proraso aftershave balm with menthol & eucalyptus with my starter kit. But I bought two nivea sensitive aftershave balms. I've been using the latter more, and I can get it at the local store or buy it in Sweden.

Pricewise one bottle of proraso costs as much as 3 bottles of nivea men sensitive over here. Pluss that I would need to have the proraso shipped to me.

I just scrub warm water on my face as my pre-shave routine.
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I really like an aftershave splash made by a local company around here. The company is called Perfectly Natural Soap. It's not heavy on the alcohol. It feels really good going on and it dries down soft and smooth. It comes in multiple different scents.
Aftershave. My favorite remains English Leather. It is a totally 1970s thing. I remember seeing English Leather in the bathrooms of adults when I was a kid (born in 1973). Uncles, etc. Grownups who played "Risk" until 4 AM, smoked pot, and listened to Elton John's "Yellow Brick Road" album frequently.

Don't kid yourself. That's a damn good album. And "Risk" taught geography to more Americans than any school ever did!

Oh, I also like Proraso and Cella aftershaves. And Barbasol. Which is more like a chemical weapon.

Gels? Afta. It was my primary through most of my time in the military. I only rediscovered it earlier this year. For $2.19 a bottle, it is fantastic, soothing stuff.
Favorite aftershave is Clubman Whiskey Woods.

Favorite balm is Nivea Sensitive. I use it less frequently than when I first started shaving with a DE razor.
For aftershave balm, Nivea Post-Shave Balm for Men (Cooling or Regular). Best I've ever tried, hands down. Aftershaves are whatever I feel like: Proraso Red, Old Spice, Brut, Aqua Velva, etc. I want to try La Toja and Pitralon, plus a bunch of Stirling and PAA aftershaves.
My top aftershave balms:
CeraVe Moisturizing Cream
Original Stetson AS Balm w/Aloe
Tabac AS Balm
Proraso Blue

Don't know if this counts: The mixture of 3 parts Dickinson's Witch Hazel and 1 part Organic Moroccan Rose Water is very refreshing and soothing. Nice Rose Water scent, too. :)