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Your experience with shave creams

Happy holidays
I never used any shave cream before (only soaps) and I decided to try with Fume Cool. I did not have any experience so I did not know what to expect. Scent is very nice but just small amount of cream creates lather like I never seen before. Wow! I think I will start a new journey to “land of shave creams”. Could you recommend some other shave creams? It can be in a tube or container.

I started with soaps. had a hard time getting a lather, and then a lather that lasted. I then tried Proraso green. All I can say is Wow! my next product to try will be a stick, probably Arco, since lots of folks here seem to like it.
You can't go wrong with any Proraso product. People say that La Toja's a good cream, I have a tube I've yet to try. The Arko creams are good performers for the price, but to me there's a noticeable drop-off in quality compared to Proraso.
Like other's have said for price and performance you really can't go wrong choosing anything from the Proraso line of products. Also as far as the English shaving creams, Taylor of Old Bond Street performs very well and the price is very competitive. I like the Eton College scent.
Looks like Proraso is a leader. I have Arko stick and if their creams in tubes have similar quality I must try.
Do you know if somebody is offering sample of creams (Cella, Omega, etc) like they have sample of blades for example.
I am afraid that I will stock...
I'll probably take heat for what I'm about to say, but YMMV.

I think most creams are very similar in terms of performance. Soaps have a bigger margin of error.

Of the many and many creams I've tried (T&H, Trumpers, TOBS, Proraso, Lord, Godrej, Florena, Palmolive, Nancy Boy, AOS, Noxzema, etc...) they all perform very well and will give you very nice shaves. The only major difference is the scent. So with creams, you're basically purchasing the scent.

Now, with soaps, that's a different story. Not only are you purchasing the scent, but the performance does vary quite a bit between manufacturers. If you're wanting a suggestion on your first two creams to try out, I suggest Proraso and TOBS (Mr. Taylor or Sandalwood scented).
IF you really want to cover the spectrum using 3 creams, I would go with the ones I started out with.

Trumper's Violet
TOBS Mr. Taylor

In those three, you've got floral, clean/fresh, and cologne based.
Proraso is on the way (green, red and white)
Probably next will be TOBS.
Did you use maybe shave cream "Taconic"? I like citrus scent and on the web I founded that is made in US (Tequila Lime).
thus far, i've only used cremo. nothing to brag about, but it's a start. my greatest issue with shaving soaps is that they are just a pain. i think i'm going to move on to proraso red next and perhaps palmolive classic and menthol.
The only creams I've used are eShave and proraso. Both are good. The eshave is very cushiony and moisturizing, I have to say. And MUCH more scented than a soap.