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Your current TOP 5 DE's?

1. Kirby BC scallop cap
2. Kirby BC smooth cap
3. iKon SC 102
4. Fatip CC slant
5. Bohin, i think

Have a few vintage "iconic" Frenchies that I haven't tested extensively with different blades, they may move up at some point. And waiting on X3 head + GC .84 & .68 combo, which I'd like to eventually pair with a light Ti handle. Mostly want to figure out my travel setup, don't want to risk my vintage DEs as they are hard to replace.
1. Henson
2. Rockwell 6C
3. Merkur 37C
4. King C Gillette.

the rest don't even deserve mentioning here. Now ... the Henson gives me the best shave since I restarted DE shaving (4 yrs ago)
Another with only 4 worth mentioning. Mine are:

1. Timeless SS .68 OC
2. Muhle Rocca R96
3. Gillette Slim
4. Gem Featherweight


1. Gillette Aristocrat, 4th generation
2. Gillette Hybrid Tech
3. Gillette Aristocrat, 1st generation
4. Gillette Aristocrat, 3rd generation
5. Gibbs #17
1 Rockwell 6s
2 Gillette Fat boy
3 Wilkinson sword TTO
4 Fatip oc slant
5 Fatip SE piccilo
Rockwell comes in first
1. Rockwell 6s.
2. Karve B plate.
3. Merkur Progress.
4. Yaqi scalloped head.

I am hoping to add a timeless and a tatara razor in due time.
Let's see...Gillette Flair Tip (D-1), just because it is not fancy but gets the job done. Schick older style injector, butterscotch handle, Schick Krona, fat handled Tech, and a Slim. And in that order. Been using a Wilkinson Bonded for years but recently decided to get back to my roots with a real razor...
Hmmm so many razors to choose from but my favorites atm are-

Rfb #44
Blackland blackbird SB
Wolfman WR1 .74
Wolfman WR2 1.25 SB
Rex Envoy

I am still testing out the timeless in. 68oc and .98 sb
Easy for me as I currently only own 5 DE's. In no particular order:

Gillette New LC
Gillette pre-war Tech
Razorock Lupo .95
Karve Brass SB-D
Henson AL13 Medium
Time for an update

Pearl flexi
Rockwell 6s
Razorock Baby Smooth
Merkur Progress
Razorock Gamechanger 84

In that order.

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