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Your Best Local Pizza


Fridays are Fishtastic!
For me it would be Mama’s Pizza. For years I drove 20 miles one way to pick up a pizza. About 10 years ago they opened in my town. My go to Sunday night is watching SNF while eating a Mama’s thin crust with pepperoni, green olives, and extra cheese. If green olives aren’t an available topping, it ain’t a real pizza joint (IMO)

yet another mushroom pie from my local favorite. just phenomenal. they don't have a big, expansive menu. it's pizza, salads (also outstanding, as well as the fried almonds and marinated olives), so the focus is on the pizza and it shows. a lot of places try to do too much at one time. focus on one thing and master it

There was a local pizza place in Champaign, IL that used to have a smoked salmon and cream cheese pizza. I haven't been back for a few years so I don't know if they still do. Seafood definitely is at home on top of a pizza.

it was quite good, and salmon plus cream cheese is always a match made in Heaven
I hope there isn't a thread already too similar to this. I'm in the middle of South Carolina, we're not renowned for amazing pizza.

You need to head out to Easley and go to Capri's!

Here is Jacksonville it's Moon River Pizza. Amazing dough, amazing sauce, great atmosphere.
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