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Your Best Local Pizza

I hope there isn't a thread already too similar to this. I'm in the middle of South Carolina, we're not renowned for amazing pizza. people here think Little Caesars and Domino's are edible, maybe after a couple (hundred) drinks. so, for me, it's pretty awesome to find a great local pizza joint. I won't refer to it as any particular style, I don't think they do either. but when you get a good pizza cooked with good ingredients by someone skilled in the art of the pizza oven, you don't settle for less. I came across this just recently, surprisingly just down the street from me. I ordered a lonely mushroom pizza my first order and it was very impressive. maybe only 13-14" in diameter and right under $20, but the burn ratio on the crust was absolutely perfect, that's hard to find. I've been warned that I must tread lightly and that everything else is just as good, we shall see

what are your favorite local, hole in the wall places? this place, you have to pay close attention or else you'll drive right by. they're not exactly pretentious folks. they're also very up beat on pandemic precautions and to dine in requires proof of vaccination; pickup requires a mask at all times. just a friendly reminder

Il Focolare

for those traveling in Clifton Heights, PA 10 miles west of Philadelphia:
Gaetano's -
thick bready crust with superior sauce,
Gaetano's also sells various flavors of their sauce in Ball jars

It depends on the style, and Austin has many. I like a big foldable slice of cheese pizza NY style. Home Slice. This place would do just fine in NY.


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Here in the homeland of chain pizza (Domino's & Little Caesar's among others) it is hard to find an independent shop - many have gone the way of the mom & pop pharmacies, steamrolled by too many people's inane preference for the familiar at the expense of homogenous banality ..

Aside from a number of "local" chains serving Dee-Triot style pizza, my favorite is a two shop outfit Tomatoes Apizza that does New Haven style thin crust pizza About - https://tomatoesapizza.com/about/ . Having never eaten pizza in Connecticut I have no idea if it is authentic, but it reminds me of NY style with a thin crust cooked in a coal oven ..

Tony Gemignani in SF
a couple others on the peninsula , but I make the best pizza I've had for a long time
The closest place to me that makes a decent pizza, that's not a chain restaurant, is over 40 miles away. Main Street Pizza, if memory serves me well.
For a little over 4 years I've made the best pizza I and my family has ever had. It's even better when baked in my smoker!
None in central florida..
wife like Pizza hut thin and crispy, i think its cardboard. the rest of the chains are so so edible , as a result
I make my own, we split a walmart dough rolled out thin,
Use ragu pizza sauce, add mushrooms , gr pepper and pepperoni to hers and pepperoni and gr pepper to mine.
Bake on a stone for crispy crust(425) , and have it for 2 days.
Basically better than what we can buy.
I have a brother who lives in Eatontown and i think there is more great pizza per capita than in any other state in the US.

A number of years ago on Long Island,
some magazine had a contest in which all the readers would vote for their favorite pizzaria
and then the magazine tallied up the votes and published the results.

There's about two million people in Nassau County
and what I found out was that
not a single one of those people lived more than a couple of miles from their favorite pizzaria.
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