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Your .22 Rimfire

So I bought a bit of land here yesterday on a massive river in the middle of nowhere KS. Pretty excited. KS isn’t flat everywhere.


So I figured I’d teach the kids to shoot. I’ve got a right tack-driver of a CZ in 17HMR - with a massive scope on it. It’s heavy. Heavy and long. You know, just not the most fun even for me when you’re standing. And 17 isn’t exactly free either. Maybe not the best starter gun. So today I got a Henry Youth.


Man it’s been a while since I bought a .22. A long, long while. And 5,500 rounds are only $189!! Wow!

I think I’ve done right by my kids getting the Henry. I’m just not sure they’ll ever get their hands on it though. Though it’s only 4.5lbs, the thing feels rock solid. It’s smooth right out of the box too - very unlike my 336 Marlin. You just know the Henry is going to be fun.

Anyway, show us your Rimfire and tell us why you got it and what you do with it. I’ll update on the Henry when it warms up.
I've still got my first rimfire, .22 Mossberg single shot from the 30's probably. I got it as a Christmas present circa 1960 ..
Henry is a good starting firearm. I would look around for better pricing on the rounds.

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Sig mosquito IIRC. Awful. 0/10.

Don't own a .22 anymore, just a 5.56, 7.7, .38, and 12 gauge. But i've always been partial to lever actions, I would love one in .45-70

That's a beautiful tract.
1906 Winchester pump, since I was a young boy. Marlin 39A lever, since I was a teenager. Custom Ruger 22 (suppressed) since I was a young adult. .22s are a lot of fun to shoot. Glad that I stocked up on ammo before all of the recent shortages and price increases.


All the 22LR I still have are handguns, no rifles left. I did have a JC Higgins 22lr that I believe was made by H&R but can't be sure. That was about 60 years ago though.

Current crop of 22LRs:

I’ve got a standard Ruger 10/22 with a stainless barrel. It’s a ton of fun to shoot and the kids enjoy it. I also have a Ruger Single Six to teach the kids to shoot a hand gun.
I think any of a lever, bolt, or pump action 22 is a great first rifle. Henry makes a pump as well that I have had my eye on.

So my favorite 22LR rifle that I own? Hmm. I have at"tacti-cool" Ruger 10/22 with a really nice polymer stock. And I have a more traditional Browning BL-22 lever (it has a stout 7 lbs trigger; Henry is probably better in that department). And a scoped Savage bolt action that can "shoot out lights". I like them all. 20180227_201718.jpgIMG_0077.JPEG20180225_151709.jpg
This thread needs a bump!

I'll try to remember to post my pics, but I've got 4 : 2 revolvers and 2 rifles. My mom just gave me a pic of my grandma shooting my first 22, with me in the background. I've still got that gun.
This thread needs a bump!

I'll try to remember to post my pics, but I've got 4 : 2 revolvers and 2 rifles. My mom just gave me a pic of my grandma shooting my first 22, with me in the background. I've still got that gun.
That's pretty cool!! I really want to get a .22MAG revolver to plink with - the S&W model 48 in particular. I just can't justify spending a grand on a 22MAG at this point in my life though. Maybe I should start looking into Taurus or Ruger. But those S&W's are sweet looking!


American Rimfire small.jpg
Ruger American 22lr, Boyd stock, ProStaff 3x9. Most accurate rimfire I have, will hold about 1/4 minute if I do my part.

Henry Golden Boy 22lr. Funnest rimfire, can put every shot 1" behind a bunny running across the field...

Small marlin.jpg
Marlin 7000. My best bunny gun, usually puts a few in the pot.

small wf.jpg
Wester Field (Montgomery Wards) single shot I got for Christmas when I was around 8-9. Lots of bunnies, squirrels, birds put in the pot. Restored it a bit a few years ago, still a great shooter.


Ruger Mk III - heavily upgraded - trigger, hammer bushing, rail & red dot, target grips
Ruger Single Six 22lr/wmr
Ruger Wrangler
Ruger SP-101 - 4.2", 8 shot 22 LR
Walther PPK/S
Taurus PT-22

Strangely I don't have pics of any the above???
My first firearm was an H&R single shot .410. The .22 is a Remington single-shot bolt action with a wooden stock that I got long after learning to shoot.

And with suppressor.

Also have a tricked out Ruger Mk III, a 22/45, a Super Single Six and a S&W K 22. I'll post pictures of those another day. I almost forgot, also a Marlin 39A, newer version unfortunately, but still a sweet gun.
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Old Faithful. Owned since I was a kid. Never converted. Real stag. Been through Hell and back and still is more accurate than I am.
Volquartsen enhanced Ruger MkII (NOT Mk III as previously alluded to).


S&W model 17-3 .22 LR. I modified the target grips to a rounded profile on the bottom.
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