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You might not believe this, but Old Spice...

No way! I, along with every other guy my age it seemed used old spice as a deodorant and body spray

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I have sport in the rotation. Wife doesn't like classic on me as her dad wears it. It think it is classic for a reason though.
I guess I can speak for the younger generation as I like to consider part of that generation still (25 years young). yes Old Spice is very popular most of the time not in aftershave form but in deodorant and body spray form. Thanks to the Old Spice guy.
Most millennials have no idea what aftershave is and don't use it. Only hipsters really....
]Old spice has been working very hard to shed this image of the Old Spice most of us probably think of when we hear the name.

That's the OlD Spice My Grandfather used, and is the old spice I remember and used. This is the old spice of today:

As aftershave? I thought all the kids just wore beards these days. I guess it is a brilliant marketing campaign after all.
I've used the original AS but I don't currently have a bottle.
They've done a great job of keeping classics and marketing to a new generation.
I always have various Old Spice brand body wash and deodorants on hand.
I'm currently wearing WCS's "original - India Old Spice".

It's a unique, complex fragrance that I just can't quite describe. I like it. I really do. That said, I still prefer Clubman and Bay Rum to Old Spice.
Ok. Thanks to all you enablers. Here's a question. Is the scent or formula different between these two bottles or versions?


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