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You Lather Well, Ill Shave Well Wade & Butcher razor

I recently got one of these in a "Four Fer" deal on the auction site. Minor pitting on the face (that is clearing up nicely) that minimally affects the engraving.

My question is, how common are these blades. Seems I have been seeing a lot of them around lately. Mine is about a 5/8 blade, I thought they were a larger size.

Are these desirable at all, or are they too common for most collectors?

and lastly the etching. Is there a way to improve the contrast between the lettering and the background again?

Mike H

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They show up on ebay pretty often, if you search sold auctions there were 7 sold in the last 60 days. Most of them look 5/8 to me. W&B is a desirable brand and generally a good shaver. I have no idea how to increase the contrast of the etching, it is pretty shallow to start. Congratulations and enjoy your razor.
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