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You have to check this out...

He goes by phuarobert on Teachat. He lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He has been collecting tea pots since 1995 and Pu-erh since 1997. Apparently got on the good side of some tea importers. Well, this is what connections can bring you:


I still can't get over this guy's collection! I hope he has a lot of tea friends to help him drink it all up. Dude should seriously consider eBay.
It's kind of disturbing, and funny. In one photo it looks like he has a wall of pu in his living room. You can see a cd rack, toys, and what looks like a couch. Then the next photo looks like it was taken in a bathroom, or possibly the laundry/utility room. Impressive nonetheless. I wish I had tea connections.
He has more stuff than any tea shop that I've been in. Maybe it's his retirement plan.

Or for him, a case of tongs is a sample!
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We should consider helping this poor, tormented soul overcome his/her hording problems. I'm organizing an intervention.
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