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you ever feel guilty with all the gear you have? razors, blades etc etc

For fun and a bit of a sanity check, I added up everything that I spent on saving gear in the last few years. Let’s just say there won’t be a break even on carts in my lifetime. That wasn’t really ever the point though.

Objectively speaking it’s true that I have more than I need and could have put that money to better (more sensible) use.

On the other hand, I’ve built a nice little collection that I enjoy using. All my other bases are covered so I can afford a few small luxuries. I’ve built my shave den up bit by bit over a long period of time. The total spend is similar to my other interests and I get a lot of use out of my shaving equipment when compared to those interests. I also have something to show for the money I spent which is not always the case with discretionary spending.

I don’t feel guilty but I do like to keep things in perspective. It’s easy to get carried away when you want to try everything thats out there. It’s important to me that the collection doesn’t get too big. I much prefer a smaller well curated collection to a giant hoard. I’m currently at 10 brushes, 10 razors, 6 stones, 2 strops, 8 soaps, and 6 balms. That’s enough to keep things interesting without getting too out of control.

I wouldn’t rule out future acquisitions but they would need to be well thought out and most likely replace an existing item. There’s probably room for a few more stones. Who am I kidding? There’s always room for a few good stones! Especially now that I’ve gotten to grips with using the smaller ones.
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Short answer is no, I dont feel guilty. I enjoy collecting and wet shaving has opened many doors to collecting -- new and vintage DE, SE and SR razors, brushes, soaps, vintage scuttles, DE blades, moustache wax tins, vintage shaving mugs, etc. I have enough to start my own museum. My family sees it as junk, I call it my legacy project. In the grand scheme of things, it is a small expense for great pleasure



Sometimes. I don't have the piles of stuff some have, but I do have a few razors I use only in October during OCtober. That's Open Comb October. All user-grade but sometimes I think that I ought to pass them onto others who want to try some of these.

I use the Fasan DoubleSlant every day, and roll it into rotaton during OCtober. That's the one on the far right side. The one on the far left is my Grandfather's Thin Cap Old Type. That one would never leave for the obvious reason, even though I normally only use it for sideburn trimming since the Fasan isn't so good for that.

Not guilty but at times I realise I could do with less after a while you find out only a few things really work for you.. but then again you have to try to find out which things 😉
I don't feel guilty, I feel blessed.

For almost a decade I've had atrocious (mildly speaking) shaves due to absolute lack of technique, stigma of talking about the personal grooming and no one to talk about the issues.

Now after finding and joining this forum and meeting several gentlemen and a few rowdies, getting a lot of feedback and suggestions on how to improve my understanding and techniques, I feel a lot of improvement has been made.

There is still a long way to go, I look forward to it, soaps only improve the experience of the journey and I don't feel guilty for having a good variety of them.

My shaves have improved, the time while shaving has become a pleasant part of the day, I look forward to it and enjoy the scents of the soaps and take care of my shaving items.

As I look at the stark differences in the shaves a few years ago and now, all I can say is thank you fellow hobbyists for the friendly environment and I thank my family for the understanding that they show me.

Sometimes I feel like I have more than needed then those items are either sold off or PIFed.

Yes, GRUMEs and GRUYERE have helped me distinguish between the Want and Need aspect of the hobby and after I fill in the voids in my routine, I'll be back!
A guy's gotta have some vice. I don't feel guilty. I'm happy not to be plucking ingrown hairs from many years of cart shaving. I worked two jobs most of my life. I was in my mid-60s, nearing retirement, when my wet shaving obsession started. My wife was happy because it meant fewer silent film dvd's coming into the house. To her, a soap or brush in the mail is better than another silent film. Our kids are grown and my shaving wants aren't taking food off our table, or preventing us from helping our kids and grandkids.
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