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You choose which se to use

Which one to use

  • 1912

  • 1914

  • 1924

  • Everready lather catcher

  • Micromatic open comb

  • Micromatic flying wing

  • Micromatic clog-pruf

  • Push button

  • Featherweight

  • Heavy flat top

  • Contour

  • Sha-ve-zee

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Alright on fryday I'm going to try a se I've been useing autostrops rollsrazors injectors wilknson sword and shake sharp razors but haven't got around to trying these yet also what blade should I try carbon (been using these in autostrops) stainless ptfe or a feather blade
I picked the sha-ve-zee because I have my doubts about it working right with a newer blade that has a thinner spine than the old ones, and would rather not be the first to find out. :001_tongu
Though I do not presently own most of the razors on this list (yet), I would pick the 1912 with a carbon blade since it's effortless and easy to get a perfect shave with that combo.
Here are my favorites in order:
Valet AutoStrop
1912 Ever-Ready
Gem Clog Pruf Micromatic
Gem Open Comb Micromatic
1924 Ever-Ready Shovelhead Long Handle

I recommend Stainless blades over Carbon
I voted for the 1912, but have to add that it would be the 1912 type GEM DAMASKEENE. Would actually be tied with my GEM lather-catcher (but that wasn't one of the options :) )
Having only used two of the list (PB and FW), I might not be entitled to vote but I chose the Gem Push Button anyway.

I just love the ease of use and shaving efficiency of this gem.
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