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You can win a FREE Captain's Choice coffee mug - step right up!

That's right, we are giving away five of these in order to collect feedback. These are hand made by a local potter one at a time. This is CONUS only please due to shipping expense. Thank you for understanding.

Please come back to this thread and share what you think. You aren't going to hurt our feelings - it helps us the most if you are candid and up front with your opinions.

Here is what we are looking for:

1. In general, how do you like it? Size (16 ounces), color, style, weight.
2. Specifically, how does the thumb rest feel? In use, is it helpful where the indents are located? Or do you wish there was just one indent on the top of the handle in the middle?
3. These will retail for around $23.95. Would you buy one for yourself? Would you buy one to give away as a gift?
4. How can it be made better? Larger? Smaller? Different color? What would you like to change about it?

Here is how you enter to have a chance at one of these: Just say, "I'm in." This will run several days and then I will have random.org select the five winners from all of the entries. Thanks to each of you and good luck!

Some pics of what you have a chance to win:


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I'm in!
I'm looking forward to seeing how the new mug operates as an individual's coffee and tea host. I know craftsman potting is a handicraft and yet my modern eye is already seeking consistency of dimensions. Of course, I already know that's nigh impossible.


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You know I'm in. I love coffee. I just TONIGHT packed up my Mr Coffee, as I've FINALLY decided I've dialed in my ancient Salvation Army purchased electric percolator.

I also recently switched from diner sized cups to big ole mugs, so I sure hope I can be in on the testing my friend!

Best wishes to all.


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I'm in! Let us know when the darker copper lather bowls become available. I'm buying one of those! Looked great in the pictures.

Thanks for the opportunity.
I’m in. The color needs to be something lighter. Perhaps cobalt blue or a dark earthy red. The size is good. I make 12 oz cups and I need some extra slop room. The thumb rest is something I have not considered. I think I could take it or leave it.


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But - I'd buy some of the mugs shown.
A large coffee cup with a smaller opening is good for keeping the drink hot (less surface area for liquid cooling). Usually you get either a small opening with a small cup or a large opening with a large cup.
I never put my thumb where the thumb rests are shown, so that doesn't make a difference to me.
As KeenDogg mentioned, liquid flow from the mug is important and usually isn't even thought about by the potter, who is generally more interested in aesthetics than functionality.
I've had mugs that looked great, but whose lip was such that a steeper angle was required to initiate pour which resulted in a requirement to gulp rather than sip - not a pleasant prospect with a very hot liquid.
The look is great. Good color and branding. Enough branding to make it unmistakable as to where it came from, but not so over the top that you feel like you are participating in an ad campaign.
I'm in! Let us know when the darker copper lather bowls become available. I'm buying one of those! Looked great in the pictures.

We are looking sometime in the first part of October probably. We will activate the listing in our store. Just after we do so, I will post here in my sub-forum that they are available so that our friends here on B&B hear the news first. We did order a limited number of them since it is a new product and we need to confirm the artisan can deliver a consistent product.

Based on feedback we do expect them to sell quickly - they are striking. We also have an amazing name for them that my nephew came up with. I have shown a half dozen people that black bowl. I had it in a box and let them open the box. ALL of them had nearly the same response upon seeing it in person: "WOW!"

I am absolutely hijacking my own thread but somehow I think that is legal... Gotta have a picture:

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