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You can see Austria from here

These were sent in by a customer in Germany. He is using our Venture shaving cream and one of our aftershaves, both in the sample size. He also seems to have used (cough, cough...) a lather bowl that (ahem...) just does not seem to quite fit.) :biggrin1: The pictures are taken from his balcony and the mountains in the background are Austria. As much as I would like to think our products are what make the picture I think it is the red geraniums that do it.

image1.jpeg image0.jpeg
Such a beautiful part of the world. The wife and I took a trip almost 2 years ago and spent over a week in souther germany, and took a train through Austria and Switzerland. Everyday I yearn to go back and take in the surroundings.

We visited from Amsterdam all the way down to Santorini Greece. Bavaria,Austria and Switzerland were the most memorable. 74064CF1-FF27-4180-BFC6-835CBFB71B75.jpeg
In the mid 80's I lived in Munich, working as a Senior R&D Engineer for a German company expanding their work in semiconductor manufacturing. I could see the mountains in Austria from my office window, plus Salzburg & Innsbruck were less than a 2 hour drive away.
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