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YINTAL Bronze with FaTip OC baseplate


So I bought and tried a FaTip Piccolo last week, which I liked very much, and it gave me the inspiration to fuse it with a trusted and favorite razor of mine, the YINTAL Bronze.

The much heavier handle of the YINTAL, along with its tad narrower cap that allows the blade to have a more "raw" bite, make this combo an absolute beast. I had a lot of fun with it!

I got a BBS in 2 passes, WTG and XTG, but I always do an ATG anyway and this time it was also necessary to fully evaluate the razor. It got pretty deep in the trouble spots in the 3rd pass, giving me also a couple of weepers, but nothing dramatic. In the end, glass finish with little to no irritation.

I don't own an R41 to compare, but this has been a pretty aggressive, yet surprisingly smooth and comfortable, shave for me.
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