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Yintal 3 plate adjustable

same here, never heard about this razor, even on the Aliexpress Yaqi page.
Any link or pic would be appreciated :)
To me it does not seem to be a real adjustable as it seems to be an unofficial pack of several bases.
This is corroborated by the fact that it's not in the Yintal webpage as mentioned above.
Would explain why no one know this one :)
What you are looking at is basically the Maggard v3 and v3a heads (same as RR Mentor and Protege heads) with a new dual comb head that the Chinese have recently introduced. have no experience with the dual comb head, but the two safety bar heads are pretty good shavers. the mild head (pictured on the razor is equivalent to the EJ89, and the other head is a little more aggressive, but very efficient. It might be worth buying if you are starting out.

As @Pilou pointed out, this probably isn't an official Yintal set, however it probably is parts from them. Also, to say that it really isn't an adjustable razor is like saying that the Rockwell 6 series really isn't an adjustable, which is what I have always been saying.
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