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Yet another convert

A couple of weeks ago I had a whim and bought the synthetic brush and some cheap Wal-Mart shave soap. Nothing special. Then I bought the $9 badger brush from Target I saw recommended on this site along with the Nomad shave soap from C&E. Wow! What a difference! I get the point now.

Welcome to B&B. This is a great place, just watch your technique and shaving skills improve. Questions will be answered, and help is always available.

Quality really shows up. But what is really a bummer is when one pays for quality and winds up with something inferior! :mad:

Nothing like good equipment to make the start of a day! :thumbup:
Welcome to B&B. You have now entered a new world and this is the right place to get the knowledge to make this a great experience for you.
Glad to have you here! Always good to see our traditional wet shaving ranks grow! Enjoy the community and have fun dealing with the acquisition disorders you'll be facing!! :w00t:
"How's the nomad shaving soap. I might be near a C&E this weekend"

The Nomad is a fine soap. It has a pleasant scent. Not very strong. Smells sort of creamy.

I have acquired samples from Mama Bear and Ogallala to try as well. As I love the smell of Honeysuckle I bought a tub of it from Mama Bear.

From Mama Bear I have samples of
Lime Ice (Tried it this morning. Felt really cool on my face)
Gentleman's Blend

From Ogallala I have
Bay Rum
Bay Rum and Sandalwood
Bay Rum and Lemongrass
Bay Rum Sage and Cedar
Bay Rum and Sweet Orange

Both places were quite generous with their sample sizes.

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