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Yes im crazy

When I get a chance me and a bud head to the national forest for some snake hunting. Last night was our first night time adventure and it was a tad bit hair raising, especially when the bob cat came bolting out in front of us. Any way here are my pics from yesterday's adventures. We were hiking down a creek bottom......yes these are all venemous.
The smaller pic in the upper left is a coral snake "deadliest snake in north america". The other 2 up top are cotton mouths and the bottom 2 are copper heads.
I guess I am a little bit of a addrenaline freak at times.....Maybe its just my love for reptiles that drives me to this but the feeling you get when you catch these things and they snap at you is preety amazing. I grew up in the permian basin out in McCamey TX, and the diamond back rattler is like a cockroach out there. I remember as a kid my dad would come home with buckets of these things that he killed. A neighbor of mine skinned them and did what ever with them....i dunno. I had a collection of rattlers that I have misplaced over the years :sad:
:yikes: Very impressive! And to think I feel like I'm living on the edge when I add a bit of regular coffee to my morning cup of decaf. Glad we have rattlers around here. Nice to get a warning before being chomped on.
The rattler we have here is a timber rattler and it is protected because they are now so few and far between. I have spent the better part of my summer looking for one and finally found one a couple nights ago dead in the road, it was very sad.
I'd recognize a cottonmouth anywhere. I had one take a bite of my *** when I was younger. The damn thing just came in the pirogue when I was fishing and decided to give me a good bite. Man that venom really made me sick for a couple of days.
I will say that with my limited exposure through mounting trails hiking; I find the serpent to be quite stunning. I have no qualms with bears, elk, moose and other big game animals. But very little stops my heart the like that ominous rattle.
Growing up in East Texas, I have encountered all of those snakes at one time or another. The old saying "the only good snake is a dead snake" is wrong. IMO, there is NO such thing as a good snake! :eek:

My buddy that I go with actually has a 20g tank at his house and when he finds a truely beautiful specimen he will take it home and feed and keep it or a while to take pics. I have a ton of pics I could post of some really beautifull snakes.
These are all this summer......and yes im wearing the same shirt....its my only longsleeve trash shirt.
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