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Yep - my 1938 Gillette Tech Fat Handle with the TRIANGLE lather slots = Best Shave To Date!

I just picked up a 1940's British made slot head version in a Bakelite case. I'm going to try it tomorrow.

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IMG_8245.JPG IMG_8255.JPG Thanks, everyone.

It started off silver played, but i de-plates it (partially) to give it a weathered look. It's seems to be red brass with hints of silver now
I appreciate fat handled techs, I have three coming in the mail. I figured if nothing else I will use the handles if the heads are too bad....
Just got a fat handle yesterday. Triangle slots. Haven't tried it yet, but it cleaned up nicely. Any way to date these beyond the '38-'45 range?
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Gillette Prewar Gold Tech Razor.JPG SRG Jazz; Can you post a photograph of your grandfather's razor please? There is also a Heirloom User's Club (HUC) onsite that you are entitled to membership in if you are not aware. God Bless! Tony Brown RN mgbbrown

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Shaved with one today; my tri-slot Tech came with a (later) ball-end handle.

Franken-razor perhaps, but one of my best shavers. Enjoy the heck out of yours!

Really nice shave and not forgiving of angle at all it's either cutting or it's not.

It is very mild but deceptively vicious because it's so mild the temptation is to push do that and it will bite. Quite a few weepers but that's my fault. I will use it again tomorrow.

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