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Yates Razor

Very beautiful
Very interested how different is shave using hybrid over stainless steel mild
Does hybrid has the same setting as stainless steel?
I will use the hybrid tonight. Jake Told me the hybrid has the same geometry as the SS plate but I will try the OC side.
I will use the hybrid tonight. Jake Told me the hybrid has the same geometry as the SS plate but I will try the OC side.
Anyway you can use OC on one side and SB on another, I'm very curious about face feel during and after shave and how it compares to stainless steel
While price went up I'm still very interested in this razor
3 Shaves in with the YPM 921-M
Initial thoughts on the razor. The finish is very shiny but machine marks are still slightly visible, I like the look.
The edge of the blades are covered by the baseplate but the top cap has indentations so it is easy to remove the blade.
The handle thread is is 10-24 so most handles will not swap out. The handle is 4” and a little thinner than many but it felt good and balanced for the 3 shaves and Jake has plans to make different handles.
The additional hybrid baseplate is made of brass, SS is on the way, it has the same geometry of the 921 baseplate but offers a dual SB/ OC option.
Now on to the shaves.
Pre shave Hot shower
I used a Feather blade ( a 5 pack is included with the razor), Polsilver and GSB. The feather was just as smooth and offered the greatest efficiency ( number of passes to BBS)
Soap I used was PannaCrema Nuavia, Proraso and M&M.
The first shave using the SS baseplate was 24 hours after Wolfman WR1 .94 and I was able to do a 2 pass WTG, XTG with touchup under the jaw line using the feather blade for a BBS shave without irritation or nicks. The shave was very smooth and there was just a touch of blade feel. 12 hours later I was just starting to feel some stubble but looked very clean.
The second shave I used the hybrid baseplate shaving one side of my face with the OC and the other with the SB. I used a Polsilver blade. The brass SB side felt exactly like the SS and the OC side had just a touch more blade feel, and I mean just a small difference. Using the Proraso green preshave and soap I did a 3 pass WTG, XTG and ATG shave. The OC side took down a little more beard WTG but overall results were identical. Again this was a mindless smooth shave.
My 3rd shave was with a GSB blade using my M&M soap about 17 hours following my last shave. I went back to the SS baseplate and had a wonderful 2 pass WTG, XTG with touchup under the jawline and upper lip shave. I followed it up with Thayer and Aqua DI Parma Colonia Club for an irritation free smooth shave.
In a time where so many members are reaching for hyper aggressive razors this would not be a razor for them. However, if you are a daily shaver like me, this is a very well built, smooth shave that delivers BBS without irritation and is very maneuverable at a very reasonable price for 316 SS.
I will be keeping this razor and Feather blades will be standard in it. I look forward to seeing where Jake goes from here 766C1EF4-21AE-40E6-9D66-16A0AE520B62.jpeg 141F20A4-0240-4C03-94EF-B93E936A1F71.jpeg
I remember way back when he was first designing this razor, he went with a non standard screw size (I think it was 10-25). Can you fit other handles to this head?
I would say no as if you look at the hybrid head it says only compatible with their razor so I would think either the lugs or thread are different from most standard razors . but I may be wrong .
Had a wonderfully smooth 3 pass shave using the YPM and Gillette 7 O’clock black. Jake emailed me and said he will be creating a new top cap with 10-32 threading so most handles will now work. 00C44F27-0B26-461C-B507-C8BBFFA8A15F.jpeg
I got Yates 921-M plate for a few weeks and have to say I'm VERY impressed. It shaves on par if not better than my current # 1 razor - Rockwell 6S plate 6 - so much that I can't decide between the two. I also enjoy the Stonewashed finish bu tkinda dislike the thinness of the handle, the grip is fine just a little different hence feels weird.
Very good razor overall. Considering the M plate has neutral exposure and 0.60something gap, I'm looking forward to try out the H plate!

I'd love to know the gap and exposure in the 6S plate 6 for comparison as well.
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I'd also kindly suggest the moderators to please rename the topic to something more informative like "Yates Precision Manufacturing YPM 921". Did a search and this is the only thread about the razor.
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@razorsedge76 they have hybrid plates in the site right now. I bought a used razor with M and hybrid, but the M hasn’t seen the light of day. I literally described this razor to someone as a Rockwell 6S plate 7/8 but better designed. Thicker handles coming soon too.

Great razor. I may have to sell some of my more expensive ones... these things seem to happen every so often where a well priced unknown gives the more expensive razors a great run for their money.
Finally sold my Rockwell 6S, which was undisputed champion fopr over 6 month, in favor of the Yates 921. After some thorough comparison, Yates won the contest and is my #1 razor!
The Hybrid plate is gorgeous but hadn't noticed any major difference from the regular closed comb, in both efficiency and comfort. In contrast, Razorock GameChanger 84 Jaws had a much dramatic jump in blade feel and loss of comfort feel for me, while retaining the same level of efficiency. No such experience with Yates.

Loving this razor. Can't wait for the H plate! IMG_3372.jpg
IMG_3371.jpg IMG_3368.jpg
Got one and really like it. It shaves almost as close as my Blackbird....and is a bit smoother with less blade feel. Great performer for daily shaving.
I love this razor as it balances smoothness and efficiency at a high level. The Yates, Diamondback, and now my Henson all seem to share this characteristic.
I really want to get my hands on the H plate though as it would likely make my other two razors unnecessary for the way I shave.
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