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Yates & ATT Windsor - Priced to Sell

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I have been shaving pretty much exclusively with single edge ac razors in the past few months, mostly with a Colonial Razors The General.
I've decided to sell these two razors since they are no longer being used. Both were purchased around August 2020, have around 10 uses each and are in like new condition.

Just realized before posting I had not dated the pictures so I'm adding this one showing all that's up for sale. These are amazing razors. Not going into the razors details since they have been widely reviewed in this forum:

1) First is a YPM 921, stonewashed with both the "Mid Level" AND the Hybrid Brass baseplate.
Asking for $100 shipped.

2) Next up is an ATT Windsor SSR1 with Calypso handle. Satin finish.
Asking for $100 shipped.

3) I also have a pair of handles I'd like to sell. The first one is a Mongoose II SS Barber Pole handle. The second one is a WCS SS Hollywood Palm handle.
Asking for $30 each or $50 if you want both.

I prefer payment through PP friends and family, however, if you'd rather use PP G&S please add $3.30 for each razor and $1.20 for each handle or $1.80 if you purchase both handles.
All prices include shipping with tracking information.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Thanks for looking
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