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Yardley Sandalwood talc scent?

So I'm running low on talc. I could restock with TOBS but it's just too much for how little you get. I have the Clubman but it doesn't perform well. I've thought about Borotalco but I'm just not sure I would want to get something that smells like baby powder.

Enter Yardley Sandalwood. I'm really curious about the scent of this. TO those that have used it, is it a sweet or floral sandalwood? Dry and masculine? I'm really intrigued because it's basically impossible to find except in India. And I can get it online for cheap, but is it worth it? I'm really not interested if it'll be a "sweet" sandalwood....been there and done that with Mysore Sandal Talc, which smells like a sandal/rose incense stick.

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