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FSOT Yardley BL, Brushes/Knots, Razors, Avon AS/Col, Soap

Hello, up for sale are the following. Only the Yardley is up for trade. Payment via PayPal G&S. G&S fees and CONUS S&H included in price. Any questions, please ask.

For Sale:


Semogue SOC Taj Mistura $45
Simpson Tulip 3 Super $90
VP Leonhardy 800720 2-band $55
Gillette SC replated by Razorplate $60
TGN 2-band Finest Fan 20x65 unused $20
TGN Silvertip A Flattop 22x65 unused $25

All complete brushes are gently used and have been cleaned with diluted Dawn/vinegar soak. Original packaging included.

Add on any of items below for indicated price with purchase of one or more of above items.

Schick G1 Injector $15
Chiseled Face Pine Tar 95% $8
Avon Oland AS Fuse 1.5oz 100% $3
Avon Oland Col Car 6oz 100% $9
Avon Canons w/stands 6oz Island Lime AS 100%, Unknown 50% $7

For Trade:


Yardley Black Label Talcs w/ box. AfterShave and AfterShower 1oz each 100%. Box is fair condition. I would like to trade for Yardley BL AS/Cologne or possibly other vintage AS/Cologne. Please PM with any possible trades if interested.
Thanks. I have the slightly larger 800730 and an unused 800720, so wanted to free up some space for incoming. Nice smallerish brushes IMO.
Not sure if you're interested in a trade of some sort. I'm trying to clear up my den as well. Check my post "Huge den clearance part Deux". Thanx
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