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Yaqui Saying this after purchase from alixpress.com

My 11.11 Yaqi brush from Ali Express arrived in 16 days. Pretty good for them I thought!

I have bought other things such as torches (flashlights to you over the pond) and they have come by China Post faster than things from the UK!

My recent order took 12 days to arrive. Tracking was lost along the way. So I was very surprised by the speedy delivery. (But this is a rare occasion.)
This 11/11 sale, Yaqi is slow in mailing out - or the carrier in moving along stuff. But in general is Yaqi very reliable and delivery isn't too slow.
My Yaqi 11/11 sale purchased brush arrive yesterday here in Colorado. That's about 3 weeks ... For me that's fine.
As I stated above, still waiting on package two. It’s been “Hand over to airline“ since November 20. I noticed that one of the brushes is no longer available for purchase so I may be opening a dispute
one order was handed to airline and customer service said this - “The goods have left my country and are being shipped to your country”

but Tracking says this-
  • Despatch from Sorting Center
    2019-11-24 02:33:32

  • Processed Through Facility
    2019-11-24 00:49:00 [CHINA,HANGZHOU EMS]

  • Hand over to airline
    2019-11-20 16:03:52 [GMT+8]

handed to airline on 11-20 then
processed through facility in China on 11-24 then
despatch from sorting center on 11-24

I am very disappointed in how this is going on and on. Haven’t got anything.
The other order has no indication it has been shipped with a new tracking number.
No consistency in tracking descriptions. I guess it’s the price you pay for cheap goods

This is exactly what it is.

I don't know how fast domestic shipping in the US is, but I watch international orders from the US going through many loops in different states and it may easily take a week plus some days for the parcel just to leave the US.
This is no complaint, but sometimes the experience isn't so much different from either side.

Be patient and stop looking at tracking daily. It's not up to date and sometimes it doesn't even make sense. They give themselves a very broad delivery window (that's the price you pay for free/inexpensive shipping from China) and those 48 or so days haven't passed.
First batch delivered today, no pics since I am abroad at this time. Checked USPS and said it is in my mailbox now. 😀😀
I received my second of two shipments today. The second had accurate shipping information including actual delivery by the USPS. The first had virtually zero information and just showed up. Good luck to all.
Every order I've ever placed on Ali for Yaqi has made it safely to me, even if it took longer.

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AliExpress tracking says my Yaqi parcel is on a plane to the destination country. That took three weeks. We'll see when it arrives.
My shipment from 11.11 is finally updated with tracking. It's on its way by this weekend and it only took 15 days to update on the status... whatever. I'll be happy if I get it in the end.
I'm not worried, but would be happy if they would arrive soon! One of my two shipments will be 10 days left in the buyer protection period tomorrow. 11/16 and 11/20 were the last updates to the tracking. If that will even get updated again before they show up.
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