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Yaqi Grace Red Devil 2 Razor review.


9C5E391F-D048-46B0-AF19-DE4AD28CAFC3.jpeg FEA7548F-5DFC-4C05-8253-5C50FAF34A4B.jpeg 4F93456B-AACA-4BFC-AEEA-A4822254DA9B.jpeg 08C1B78C-CEED-49FE-9CC8-B8E000CD3FD6.jpeg I couldn’t wait for the weekend to try out this new razor I purchased from Yaqi Shaving. I am working this weekend and I have every Friday off so I gave it a spin this morning. I used an Astra SP blade that came with the razor. I am not usually a fan of open comb razors but this razor shaved very well. I used Israeli Shaving Cream that I received in a PIF from @Space_Cadet which is a good Cream and also used my Captain’s Choice Copper Lather Bowl. I found that there was a lot of audible feedback on all 3 passes. I did give myself a small nick on my neck but that is a trouble spot regardless of what razor that I use. I also found that being a new razor when I went to take it apart to rinse everything I had tightened it a little too much and the blade tab cut into my thumb pad. No blood but now very tender. I had to use a towel to undo the razor. I also found that because I had tightened it too much the blade was stuck to the end cap which made it hard to pull apart. This I am sure will diminish with use. Overall I have quite happy with the razor. It does appear well made and weighs in on my scales at 94 grams. I have not purchased many new razors but at $19.95 plus postage at the time of purchase I am a happy that I bought it.
Yeah I learned the hard way too! ;)
I always unfasten the handle head down into a facewasher/towel corner now!

David from Yaqi AU seems a good bloke to deal with.

He was very keen to improve the website and very responsive to queries (plus he got answers from Yaqi HQ further up the chain very quickly)
Great review and photos
cool looking razor
unfortunate about taking it apart hopefully that part gets better