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Yaqi Bohemia

2 shaves in - first shave was with 2 days of stubble; reasonably good and quite smooth but not remarkably good in 1 pass. Second shave was much better; I used a fresh Kai blade for a little extra aggression - a very close 1 pass shave that still felt very smooth. Suspect shave 1 was somewhat anomalous, as the second one felt really good. I did notice that riding the cap gave a smoother and better shave than a steep angle/riding the comb. My impressions are very good and improving, so we'll see how the rest of the week goes.
Today's shave - similar to yesterday;s (very good); smooth, perhaps a touch less effective (but I was also hurrying for work), friendly. Very nice feel to using it. I like it more than the Yaqi Sentinel OC; it just feels smoother (and similarly effective). We'll see how this turns out over the coming days/weeks, but I'm optimistic.


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I really should get some KAI blades, the Feather Super transformed my Romulus compared to the Pro.

DE blades likely make not nearly as much difference. The price for KAI blades is just terrible!
More updates - I continue to really like the Bohemia. I did nick myself this morning (was in a rush and got careless; suspect it would have been similar with many other razors). Still a close, smooth, and comfortable shave. I like it enough that if I ever break/lose mine, I will probably replace it - to me, that's a pretty high honor. No complaints, completely satisfied. I may end up trying it against some other open comb razors for comparison in the future.
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This razor gives me a bad impression!
Won't it be easy and quite challenging to use!!!?

I read that it is not very aggressive, compared to the R41 is it milder?
Ok I’ve the Bohemia on order presently in the “raw” version. I was wondering whether you could clarify something for me.

If the “1” is facing the top cap is that the milder shave or the more aggressive shave? I ask as I generally prefer a mild razor paired with a sharp blade for a blood and irritation free BBS. For example the razor currently gives me the best results of those I’ve tried is the Vikings Blade Godfather Stonehenge + Wizamet Super Iridium blade. 3 passes. 1 down my face, 1 across the grain (in both directions for my cheeks) and one up my face against the grain gives me the best results I’ve yet had. Every other razor I’ve tried either gives a lessor DFS or more irritation + a non bloodless shave. Even if the Bohemia merely comes close I’ll consider that a win.

I typically use a Yaqi Ghost 70 for under my nose and top lip on the first pass as it’s pretty much the only razor I’ve yet used which will get at those hairs under my nose. The flat top cap does wonders for that.

To be fair I’ve only tried around 30 razors in the past year or so of shaving with DE safety razors so I dare say my technique could use improvement. I’ve really fallen in love with PAA CK6 with a bit of Nivea Sensitive added + PAA aftershave. Great stuff even if I haven’t had great results with the PAA razors I’ve tried.


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If the “1” is facing the top cap is that the milder shave or the more aggressive shave?
I was confused about this as well and got it wrong. @Halfbeard corrected me and I unfortunately don't find the posting anymore, must have been in another thread.

But here is the solution for you:

This is Bohemia seen from BELOW / handle side. "2" is up, "under" the blade and cap.

This is the AGGRESSIVE setting.
The side you want to shave with must be "up" when you insert the blade.

This was confusing for me as the Rockwell 6C/S show the plate you shave with from below.
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