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FT Yaqi Aggressive Slant and soaps – PAA CK-6, Stirling, WSP, Kiss My Face

Looking for a new home for these items:

-Yaqi Aggressive Slant with 3 ½ inch, 39 g chrome plated handle.

-PAA CK-6 Diver Down, 2 oz. travel stick transferred to jar, used once.
-Stirling Spice, 5.8 oz., unused.
-Stirling One, 3 oz., unused.
-WSP Olympus Formula T, 4 oz., unused.
-Kiss My Face Green Tea and Bamboo Moisture Shave, 11 oz. pump, unopened.

I’d like to trade for new or lightly used PAA CK-6, Stirling, Mystic Water, or Mike’s Natural.
(Just simple, non edgy fragrances).

CONUS, and please just PM me, as I won’t be checking the thread much this weekend. Thanks for looking.


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