Yaqi 24mm Aqua Badger Brush First Use Review

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by huck1995, May 9, 2019.

    Dear fellow shavers,

    Until now, I’ve only used boar hair and synthetic brushes. I have really enjoyed each variety for different reasons (boar for the slightly more abrasive feel on the face while still being soft, synthetic for the absolute ease of getting an great lather), but now I’ve been able to see what the hullabaloo about badger hair brushes is about. Wow, it’s like a whole new way of shaving. The badger brush I used today was the Yaqi 24mm Aqua Badger brush. For reference, here’s the link:
    US $40.17 |Yaqi 24mm Aqua Highmountain Silvertip Badger Hair Shaving Brush-in Shaving Brush from Beauty & Health on Aliexpress.com | Alibaba Group

    First off, out of the package, you can see immediately that it’s a gorgeous brush.

    43A868DF-ADC6-4150-866E-452992445C2E.jpeg 2FCED248-99C3-4FAF-A5AA-60CF6DD1E7C2.jpeg 16D2CE9B-B57D-4609-A7CB-B208921345BB.jpeg

    Love the color, love the design. And the knot is sooooo soft, my God, yet somehow still has a really strong backbone.
    So to prep for the shave, I didn’t even bother doing my typical break in process for boar brushes, I just soaked it in dish soapy water for about an hour the day before to get some of the badger funk out of it, because I wanted to see how it performed as close to out of the box as possible.

    I used Tabac stick and face lathered, and the lather simply exploded. Hang on, you’ll see how much it exploded. The amount I put on my face was the amount I normally use, which generally is just enough for a 3 pass shave plus touch ups, and just a shade more to wash my face with afterwards. With this brush, however, I got an absolute boatload of larger.

    After first pass

    After third pass

    And still had this leftover after the touch ups.

    The bristles were slightly abrasive, which I actually like, but I’m pretty sure they will soften up during the break in process. Despite the slight abrasiveness, which was like a facial exfoliant, the tips were still super soft, and the backbone was still there even when really wet. Honestly it’s hard to describe how different this was to any of the other brushes I’ve used. Incredible, simply incredible. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it too if you’ve also used it, and if you loved it as much as me!
  1. Hi Huck1995,

    Great review, I am awaiting albeit impatiently for my brushes to arrive from China too. I got the 24mm silver tip mysterious space, the purple 2 band badger and the brien ferrari all tha is to the kind advice of Nav.

    Congrads and happy shaves,

  2. I have a Yaqi Professional 30m and it’s the same as you describe yours. It’s a wonderful brush

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  3. Well, definitely make sure to let us know how they work out for you once they do arrive!

    Wow, a 30mm, I can't even imagine, that must be a heck of a luxury for you!
  4. nav


    I have several Yaqi badger brushes but I would say the high mountain white is very unique not only among Yaqi silvertip brushes but the silvertip brush market!

    The tips will lose their scratch after a few uses and then it's just pure luxury!!

    The face feel after the break in period is just unbelievable!!

    Absolutely highly recommended for anyone interested in the biggest bargain of the badger brush market!!
  5. ajkel64

    ajkel64 Moderator

    Nice brush, love the colours. Thanks for the review.
  6. It's my pleasure! Until now I had only used Yaqi's synthetic brushes, which are all great of course, but this one really stood out so much that I just HAD to write about it. :D
  7. Best brushes for the money. $35 for my silvertip.
  8. naughtilus

    naughtilus Contributor

    You haven't seen that brush lather properly yet. Give it time, 20 shaves in then tell us what you think.

    Congrats and enjoy it! :)
  9. Congratulations.
    Great lather
  10. Terrific review!! Congrats on the new brush! :a14::a14:
  11. Thanks everyone!
  12. I like it a lot
    It’s in that photo [​IMG]

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  13. Very nice pictures. I am a Yaqi fan too. You don't have to convince me that it's an amazing brush even if i don't have it. Enjoy!
  14. I have this brush and I think this is a wonderful brush. But the Yaqi Two Band Mocca is even better. Yaqi-Moka.jpg
  15. Ah yeah, the Moka is gorgeous! Definitely one for the bucket list.
  16. naughtilus

    naughtilus Contributor

    The enabling is strong with this one!

  17. I have yaqi moka in both 24 mm synthetic and 26mm badger.
    I really liked the handle and ordered it mostly on that account.
    But the badger handle is pretty massive and the top edge is kinda chunky and keep hitting the soap mug when loading.
    But I will take yaqi badger any day over D S cosmetics 26mm badger 2 band.
  18. Used the brush again today, this time with Speick cream. It's actually kind of unbelievable how much lather is created and held by the badger hair compared to a synthetic or boar. I tried to use the same amount of cream as I usually use, but it almost felt like I had twice as much lather today as when I use Speick with the other brushes. Now, to be clear, I'm sure it wasn't LITERALLY double the lather, but whereas with this amount of cream, I usually have just enough for 3 passes+touchups and a little extra I can squeeze out of the brush to wash my face with after, today I had pretty much an overflowing handful of cream out of the brush after touchups. Easily could've gotten another 2 or 3 passes out of it for sure.
  19. naughtilus

    naughtilus Contributor

    Yup. A good badger knot balloons full with lather. Nothing does it quite like that.

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