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YANCI - Yet Another Newbie Check-In :)

Hi everyone. Looking from the recent threads, it seems that a lot of you received a gift this past weekend from your significant other, as I have. My wife glanced at my amazon.com wishlist and saw the Merkur starter set (Merkur Classic #178, bowl, brush, soap, one Merkur blade) and bought me that for Father's day. I was so excited to start my journey into shaving a different way, however the week prior we had a coupon for the latest and greatest Gillette product, so I wanted to make sure I used up that blade before I began with the Merkur.

Well, this morning I finally had the opportunity to make an attempt to shave, after watching numerous videos online and reading instructions. I think it went pretty well, and I can say that my face was smoother for a longer period throughout the day. I was normally a 12-o'clock shadow kind of guy. Now it seems that I may be a 5-o'clock shadow kinda guy :)

Anyway, this seems like a great place to spend some time. I hope to learn a lot!

Welcome. I decided to get serious--if that's the right word--about wet shaving maybe six weeks ago. What I thought I knew, turned out I didn't know. This site has been great, very welcoming, lots of good advice. Which soap came with the starter kit?
Thanks for the welcomes, everyone ;)

So the blade (yes, 1 blade) that came with my set is a Merkur blade. How long should it last? I shaved myself this morning with it, and I managed to nick myself a few times. The blade did feel dull compared to yesterday, and I do have really coarse facial hair. I know that I would normally go through a Gillette cartridge after 3 shaves.
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