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X-3 1952 Super-Speed with aluminium collar and knob

So here is something I discovered this morning. I have 4 40s style Super-Speeds. The last one I bought 6 months ago. Cleaned it lightly and put it in a drawer. You know how you don't react much to something you already have. Here is a picture of it (X-3 - 1952) on the left, compared to the 1950 on the right.


Today I was looking for something else and took it out. Upon closer inspection I saw something unusual. the bottom rim of the TTO knob has at least 7 indentations. Obviously the razor has been dropped many times. But I have never seen those indentations (and so many of them) on a 40s style SS. It turns out the knob is aluminium. In a few seconds I noticed the collar is aluminium too. But the tube looks like it's not and is nickel plated. I know it can't be seen on the photo, but in real life the color difference between the aluminium and the nickel is obvious.

Next thing I grab the other 40S Super-Speeds and my scales. All other 3 razors are 55 g, but the one with the aluminium collar and TTO knob is 50 g - more than all the black tip variations, but less than the regular models. IIRC they stopped making the black tips mid-1952. So this one is right in the next quarter and has only some parts made of aluminium. So look carefully. You might have a Super-Speed with the aluminium knob and collar without even suspecting. The collar is the most obvious sign that is easily spotted.
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