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WTTF: AS Splashes with Fleeting Scents – Speick, Limacol, 4711, Myrsol, Others

My wife is sensitive to scents, so I’m now limiting myself to aftershave splashes that disappear quickly.

I’m on sabbatical this year, but would like to try a few possible candidates for use so that I’m ready to buy in January. I’m looking for things that (a) have a little bit of sting/burn to them, (b) have face-healing ingredients – that is, more than just alcohol and scent – and (c) have nice scents that only last 10-15 minutes.

By way of background, I’m currently using Myrsol Antesol and Pitrasol Pure. I’ll probably pick up some Myrsol Agua de Limon and (if I like it) Pitrasol (Swiss) in January.

After digging through the archives, I’m looking to find samples of the following:

Speick AS
4711 Portugal
La Toja
Reef Point Earl Grey and Ginger
Myrsol Formula K
Myrsol Formula C
Myrsol Plastic Shave
Myrsol Blue
Myrsol Don Miguel 1919
Pitralon (Swiss)
Pitralon (Classic – German)

I’m open to other items if they meet my requirements. I’d also appreciate any comments if I’m off base on these candidates. (Especially if the scents are long lasting.)

Since I’m on sabbatical, I can only trade for these samples. I have the following aftershaves that I can send in return:

Chiseled Face - Cryogen
Chiseled Face - Summer Storm
Henri et Victoria AS Splash - Bergamot Vetiver
Myrsol - Antesol
Nivea for Men Post Shave Balm - Sensitive
Pitralon - Pure
Stirling - Bergamot Lavender
Stirling - Margaritas in the Arctic
Stirling - Piacenza
TTFFC - Sue Moore 2016 Currants and Roses
WSP - Royal Leather

I also have the following soaps available for samples to trade:

Acca Kappa - LiboCedro
Art of Shaving (Tallow) - Sandalwood
Bain Amour - Southern Gentleman
Barrister & Mann - Cologne Russe
Barrister & Mann - Diamond
Barrister & Mann - Ferox
Barrister & Mann - First Snow
Barrister & Mann - Latha Taiga
Barrister & Mann - Le Grand Chypre
Barrister & Mann - Petrichor
Barrister & Mann - Roam
Barrister & Mann - Vetyver Santal
Dr. Jon's - Big Green Monster
Haslinger - Schafmilch
Henri et Victoria - Cuban Cigars and Cognac
Meissner Tremonia - Indian Flavour
Meissner Tremonia - Moroccan Rhasoul
Meissner Tremonia - Salty Sea Sage
Mickey Lee Soapworks - The Kraken
Mike's Natural Soaps - Barbershop
Mike's Natural Soaps - Lavandin & Eucalyptus
Mike's Natural Soaps - Pine & Cedarwood
Mystic Water - Lavender Lime
OSP - Fougere
Pannacrema - Lavandotto
Phoenix & Beau - Albion
Saint Charles Shave - Fairway
Saint Charles Shave - Refined
Sapone di Paolo - Cremoso (Vanilla and Coconut)
Shannon's Soap - Bay, Patchouli & Grapefruit
Shave Revolution - The Connoisseur B. Street .009
Soap Smooth - Ceret
Stirling - Mountain Man
Stone Cottage Soap - Coconut & Sandalwood
Sudsy Soapery - White Sage and Lime
TTFFC Sue Moore 2015 - Grapefruit
TTFFC Sue Moore 2016 - Currants and Roses
Wholly Kaw - Vetivertal Tallow
WSP Formula T - Citrus Blast
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I've got some Speick I can work with you on.

Also, have you tried Proraso Green? It's really nice, and looks like it hits your requirements.
And Lucky Tiger doesn't have the burn, but it's got face-healing goodies in it. The scent is amazingly citrus that is gone before you can get the cap screwed back on the bottle.

I'll poke around my stash of AS when I get home from work and see if I've got anything else that I could suggest.
Thanks, @G.W. Feel free to PM me at your convenience.

And thanks for the ideas of Proraso Green and Lucky Tiger. I've used Proraso Green soap and have only felt "meh" about it - but probably worth trying out at least. And I'd be up for trying Lucky Tiger even though I'd rather go for an alcohol based splash.
Will do, @bobmsp I'm leaving work in a minute. I'll reach out to you either this evening, or tomorrow morning and we'll sort out details.
What about the Avon aftershaves? They tend to be light, and don't have a strong staying power. I may be able to send a small vial to test. They do have glycerin and stuff in them.
What about the Avon aftershaves? They tend to be light, and don't have a strong staying power. I may be able to send a small vial to test. They do have glycerin and stuff in them.
I've only tried Avon Everest and Tai Woods and didn't really like either one too much. If you have specific suggestions, I'd appreciate it.
Spicy and Wild Country are my favorites. Spicy is sort of light, fresh, almost Old Spice scent. I'm struggling to describe the Wild Country...barbershop with a light powdery scent.
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