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Have some soaps that could use a good home, and looking to try something new. Would like to trade multiple soaps if possible to make shipping worthwhile. Pics available if needed. Here is what I have for trade:

Soap Smooth Brain Freeze (soap & A/S)
BW Jolly Rodger (scooped 1x)
Regiment Reville
Speick Men
CRSW Puro Fresco
Phoenix & Beau Denali (scooped 1x)
Van Yulay Colonia (Soap & A/S)
Sweet Comb Chicago- Cool BEans
OSP- Grapefruit Menthol (new)
Mama Bears- Phoenix Rising
Razorock Don Marco
Razorock WTP Tripple milled- Lime, Orange (both new)
Maggard Mango Sage Tea
Soap Commander Courage
Shannon's Silk Pajamas
Knockout Shave- Black
Deluxe Shaving- British Racing Green
Soapy Bathman- Cedar Sandalwood
Van Yulay- Spiced Mahogany (scooped 1x)
Lisa's Natural- cedar Safron
Stache Soapworks- Mystery Men
Mystic Water- Brown Windsor


Tiki- Kilted Tiki
Turtleship- Pachouli
Ballenclaugh- Fire&Ice, Sour Mash
West Of Olympia
Envy Shave
Lakewood Soap CO
Supper Break soaps
Southern Witchcrafts
Little Tim's
Passionatly Natural
Sego Lilly
Lather Bros
Desmond Barrow
Stubble Trouble
Smitten Soapery
Prarie Creations
CRSW Glide
Rock Rose Apocarthy

Feel free to shoot me a PM with any offers, but mainly looking to try new soap bases or less common soaps. thank you for looking.
Interesting. I have never even heard of any of the soaps on your wish list

Yea I do like to experiment with some of the lesser known, or under the radar soaps. Some of my all time favorites get little to no mention on the forums which is surprising.

The most common one on the list is CRSW Glide, which I'm currently working out a trade for a tub of Madman's Bouquet (which sounds like a beautiful scent).
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