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There are a few soaps I have been looking for, if anyone has any of these artisans and want to trade please let me know.

Deluxe Shaving Co. (preferably Lucky 13, Mods, Rockers)
Grandstaff soap Co.
Turtleship (any scent accept for Te Java)
Talbot Shaving
Renegade Atelier
Desmond Barrow
Storybook Soapworks
Stubble Trouble
Stone Cottage Soapworks (soaps)
Route 66

I have a pretty large soap collection, too many to list but depending on the trade I'm sure we can work something out.
Ok so since pics are required here, this is some of the soaps I would be willing to trade. Please PM if you have any questions about soap percentages or if you are looking for a particular artisan. Thanks for your time.

from top left:

B&M Seville
PDP 63
Figaro Gold (unlathered, scooped 1 sample)
Sir Hare 3rd eye
Dr. Jon's 1803 (unlathered, scooped sample)
Mama Bears Phoenix Rising
Stache Soapworks Mystery Man
Speick Men (used 1x)
Dapper Dragon F&M
Mike's OCBP
Country Club Root Beer (2 oz. Unused)
PPF Oakmoss & Sage
SC Courage
MW Brown Windsor
Maggards Mango Sage Tea
Van Yulay Colonia
CRSW Puro Fresco
Ginger's Garden Haight Ashbury
Shannon's Silk PJ's
RR Don Marco
Shave Revolution Connosuiour b street
Phoenix & Beau Solaris
Stirling Aqua DGO
Dr. Jon's Bandit
WSP Mahogany
WSP Blackbeard
BW Jolly Rodger (scooped 1 sample)
RR Tuscan Oud
RR Al Sapone
TTFFC Brokkr (scooped 1 sample)
IB Amici
Reef Point Command Presence (used 1x)
Reef Point Dragons Blood
La Toja
RR Mudder Focker
TTFFC Angel's Share
B&M LPC Latha
Sapone Di Paolo Terroso plus matching balm (used 1x)
SDP Blue Spruce (new)
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A few others I would be interested in are:

B&M Night Music
B&M Roam
L&L Puzzle
Regiment shaving Co.
Cattie's Bubbles 322, porch drinks

If anyone has any of these soaps and wants to trade shoot me a message, I have other soaps available for trade if you are looking for something specific.

Thanks everyone!
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