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WTT/S Mini brush purge

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All items to be done via paypal and B&B terms. Make sure your address in paypal is correct and up to date.

All items CONUS and prices include shipping.

First Up: Rooney 2/1 Faux Horn Silvertip

$15 shipped CONUS
Rooney1.jpg Rooney2.jpg

Full disclosure: For whatever reason this brush has tangled up on me twice. I have combed it out and its fine now but I don't use it much. This would be a good trade item if you like the handle. You could re-knot it. I bought this from Vintage Blades when they were selling off their Rooneys. Knot size is about 21-22mm. Handle height is appx 2.25" tall. It is smallish in form factor but comfortable.

I am asking $15 or for the following trades (not limited to these):

1) 2 packs of schick injector blades

2) Plissoft or Maggards synthetic brush that you are not liking

3) Unscented shave soap you don't like

4) Fatip

5) Other suggestions??

If you trade, you would pay for shipping for your item.

Second items up: EJ Badger Best Badger Medium and Kent BK2 brushes combo deal

$40 shipped CONUS

EJ and Kent BK2.jpg

I would like to sell these together. Both in really good shape and I am the original owner. Nothing wrong with them but I am just wanting to reduce my brush count. I find both brushes soft enough as bowl latherers but both can face latherers w/o issue. They have not shed much so I think they are pretty solid in that respect. I have had them for less than 6 mos.
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