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WTT Mikes Lemongrass&Euc +

I've accumulated enough stuff that I feel I should get rid of some before getting something else. So why not try to trade for something I've never used? I have a new tin of Mike's Lemongrass and Eucalyptus. I tried it one time and didn't even use enough soap. I'm looking for some Saponificio Varesino. That's right, I have never tried SV. Of course, I don't expect a full puck for a tin of Mike's, but it should at least be half. If you have something closer to full I will also include a West Coast alum block, and your choice of a tube of Proraso (65-70% full) or a Maggard 24mm synth. The brush is used but in good shape. When it is dry there is a bit of a doughnut look in the center of the knot (shown). It doesn't look like that when it is wet, it doesn't affect the brush's performance, and it has definitely never lost a hair. It is like the hairs want to splay. The alum block is brand new and still wrapped in plastic. A full or nearly full puck gets all four items. I'm really hoping for some Stella, but I'll consider any SV, even the Colonia type that they made for Bullgoose under the Asylum Brush Works brand. To summarize:
Half a puck of SV gets you the Mike's. 60 to 75% full puck=Mike's and Proraso, or Mike's and Brush, plus the alum block. Full or nearly full puck gets Mike's, Proraso, Brush, and alum block.
Sorry, but I have to keep this CONUS.

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Trade for the Mike's is pending. The other three might make a nice starter kit for someone. I'll still consider a trade or I'll sell it as a set for $13. That is about half of the brand new prices and will include shipping. If not, keeping some Proraso around isn't a bad thing.
Mike's has been traded. Half a puck of Saponificio Varesino or $13 will now get you about $5 worth of Proraso green, a used brush in really good shape that goes for $11.95 new, and a brand new alum block that retails for $7.95. These are good products that I will use occasionally if they don't go, except for the alum block. I am sure it's fine, but I don't use the stuff any more and I have a Trumper block that is well over ten years old and looks brand new. I will consider some other soaps or creams if you have something that performs well in an amount that you think is a fair trade. No guarantees, but I'll at least think about it.
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That brush is hard to figure. I used it today and when it dried it didn't have nearly as much spreading in the center. It's getting better each time I use it.
I forgot to put the date in the photos. The Mike's is gone, but here is a shot of the current offering.
$13 dollars or a soap or cream trade. Half a puck of SV would do it, but if you have something else I'll give it some thought.
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