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FT WTT M&F Blonde Badger PK47 for Pre-Sears M&F 2XL 3-band

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I'm suffering from a bad case of trader's remorse. Do you have the cure?

For trade I have a Lemon Drop Paladin 26MM PK-47 Blonde Badger in hybrid bulb/fan shape. Beautifully-crafted brush, no issues whatsoever, zero to minimal scritch. APK47001.jpg

Once upon a time, I traded away this 2013 Disco Haze 3-band 2XL and I anxiously miss that brush. AMF2XL.jpg

***So here's what I'm looking for***: 1) 2013-2015 Morris & Forndran 2XL
2) 3-band bulb/fan hybrid shape
3) Any resin will do fine.

***I can add $$ or even a Razorock Black Mamba in great condition + 20 Feather Blades for the right brush.***
Thank you for your consideration, and Godspeed.
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***Also have a 24MM Declaration Grooming Washington Vastness B4 or if you don't fancy Lemon Drop, I have a Tigris Perla PK47 Blonde Badger (1 of 2), bulb-knotted.***
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