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WTT: DR Harris Marlborough & Geo F Trumpers Rose, and some synthetic brushes


D.R. Harris Marlborough soap in birch bowl (brand new in box) which has a
cedar/sandalwood scent


Geo. F. Trumpers Rose Soap in wood bowl (with box, used four times,
but wet bloomed each time).

I also have a

Maggard Razors 24mm Synthetic Shaving Brush, Marble Handle


Whipped Dog Synthetic 24mm knot sunk to 15mm, loft of 52mm with blue resin

(see attached photos)

What I'm looking for (only interested in brand new items):


Stirling Lavender
Stirling Grapefruit
Mystic water sandalwood rose
Proraso white
Barrister and Mann Seville
Barrister and Mann Latha Taiga Pine and Cedar
Barrister and Mann Latha Lavender
Italian barber Tuscany
RazoRock XXX
RazoRock Essential Lime
RazoRock Lavender
Italian Barber Rosa
Italian Barber Primavera
Italian Barber Fresco Verde
Fine American blend shaving soap (original or lavender)
Mike's Hungarian lavender
Mike's Cedar
Palmolive shave stick
Haslinger Candela
Haslinger Sandalwood
Soap commander inspiration Japanese grapefruit
Cattie's Bubbles purple grapefruit
Cattie's Bubbles Celtic knot
Le Pierre Lucien Cedar
WSP Gaelic Tweed
St James of London cedarwood
Synergy lavender cedar
Maggard London barbershop


Merkur 37c slant bar razor
Stirling badger brush
A Vie Long horse hair brush
Parker WHPB Pure Badger Shaving Brush (faux ivory handle)
Omega 6215 Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush, Faux Jade Handle

Just PM me if interested in working a trade. Thanks.

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